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Gloomy Days, winter is on its way

Gloomy Days, winter is on its way

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Good morning sunshine!!! The sun is being shy today and is in fact hiding behind the grey and white clouds in the sky. Together with the clouds a frosty breeze brushes through your face and your tight dark blue jeggings feel sticky due to the humidity evident. O well got to love London and its unique weather. In fact due to the long frosty cold winters and rainy afternoons Londoners have a unique sense of style that can not be found anywhere else and that is exactly what has made London one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The question that arises is the following... Are you ready for winter? Or is your mind still set in the days at the beach and the nights at seaside restaurants and bars, with mellow music playing while you sip your drink in search of refreshment? I know.... Who can ever be prepared for winter right? But would summer be so unique if winter didn't make its appearance in late September?

Smile, open your wardrobe and explore, experiment and turn your bedroom into a shops dressing room. Long coats, cute hats, warm scarves, leather pants, over the knee boots, pumps, cashmere jumpers and woven dresses will make their appearance in no time. Colour co-ordinate your closet to allow your mind to distinguish what can be styled with what and what can be both warm and stylish. Become your own stylist and allow your self to experiment. Fashion features personality and emotions, so why not embrace it as a tool to express yourself?

Food for thought.....

Much Love,
Danae V