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Lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0

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 The second “lockdown” is official and is currently active and imposed in several countries around the world! Europe is amongst the regions that have taken drastic measures, once again, in order to tackle the worldwide spread of Covid-19.



 During the first lockdown so many individuals focused in organising their closets, creating outfits with items in the very back of their wardrobe as well as utilising their time in order to work on their personal well being both mentally and physically.




 It comes with no surprise that the term of sustainability emerged in the surface after a very relevant tendency towards it the past couple of years as consumers as well as brands have made an attempt to consume and produce in a sustainable minimum waste manor. Awareness and responsibility are terms closely related to sustainability and it is in each of our hands to touch upon such subjects as well as to do out part in supporting such causes.





 During the first lockdown most of us preferred hanging out in our sweatpants whilst curating outfits and planning for the fashion season ahead full of excitement. Experts argue, that in order for ones mental state to be in tact during these times it is important to stick to a routine and keep ones self occupied. Although, many did do that during the first wave of “stay home” and “stay safe” others did not necessarily find the motivation to practice such actions.





 As the second wave of the virus in question has hit harder than ever before it is up to each and every one of us to take care of our internal self and at DV Closet we attempt in doing exactly that! As fashion experts we urged you during the first wave to make use of our motto “Make use of items that have been forgotten in the very back of your wardrobe” and helped our clients create personalised looks as well as a tidy and sustainable closet.




 As the first step was completed it is now time to plan for the current season as well as the season ahead, with lifted spirits and imagination whilst always adding pebbles of your personality and taste to the process.




 There is no doubt that comfortable loungewear has been on the top of the trend list for almost a year now overruling the athleisure trend that was going strong for several years. Moreover, trending outfit combinations include pyjama styled clothing layered with sweaters, oversized minimal clothing choices, monochrome looks and soft tailored blazers and trousers.






The elegant pyjama style





Carefully thought of but so effortless, our first runner up as far as quarantine looks are concerned, is none other than an all time classic monochrome silk dress or nightgown paired with an oversized knitted sweater. You can experiment with numerous colour co-ordinations, paired with sneakers or even slipper style footwear you will be feeling comfortable but looking super fashionable.







The minimal oversized combo





As we spend most of our time isolated at home we feel the need to have a more laid-back boyfriend style. The above is always a winner, make it black or white and there is now doubt you will be looking on point. You may add an oversized shirt with loose jeans and a pair of loafers in order to complete your look.






The monochrome outfit






Using one tone to your look is a safe but fashionable choice. From fall to winter a warm, earthy toned outfit can definitely get heads turning, especially if different fabrics and textures are combined together. Create contrast by adding a different coloured bag or shoes.







The tailored combo






Tailored trousers and blazers may as well be very comfortable and easy to wear around the clock! So why not wear such an outfit during the lockdown period? Allow your inner fashionista to come to the surface even if you are not planning to leave your home, it is certain it will raise your spirits.







Whatever look you are going for our team is available 24/7 to assist you in creating something unique.






Download our app https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dv-closet/id1026718758 and brace yourselves for the journey ahead! Track your style evolution and be prepared to immerse yourself in unlimited stylistic options with the clothes hiding in your very closet.














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