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The luxury brand Celine are renowned for their iconic handbags and leather goods, the French RTW house has been owned by LVMH since 1996. Celine’s has continued to be successful through their strategy of remaining a private and exclusive brand; a classic character of a luxury attribute.






Since the rise in change of the purchaser behaviour, fashion brands have to renegotiate their tactics in appealing to the consumer. Thus, to maintain its charm to the new founded wealthy and not just the elite. With this is mind, Celine are planning to remain exclusive through a multitude of initiatives, including social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Participating with such digital avenues, Celine have launched an exclusive service where loyal customers achieve early access to certain products before they are officially released. Consequently, a tactic that will bode well for faithful clients.






Celine’s style has cleverly maintained a strong sense of femininity within modern design, in my opinion, which is portrayed within their collections. The characteristics of their creations not only form fluidity, but also, a sense of timelessness with a strong edifice.





In other words, Céline really capture the essence of the brand and therefore, this is fabricated through their collections. We recognise the style, character, and legacy when we are apprehended by such vision and superfluity.






Unbeknown to some, Celine began as a children’s shoe company that soon shifted towards a women’s –wear line. However, since then, the brand has grown to create something that empowers women through such genuine, bespoke dressing.





In the 1960s, there was a catapult of pioneering designers breaking out with the innovative ready-to-wear (RTW), including of course, Celine. This of course cements the brands association with being recognised as a luxury brand.







Since 2018, Heidi Slimane has been the appointed creative director of Celine, unbeknown to some, this creator beholds many accolades from photography, designing and bespoke collaborations with musicians. With such an array of diverse experiences, it is no wonder that Celine possesses a new freshness since the departure of Phoebe Philo.






Therefore, it is clear that Celine are adhering to the luxury rules of fashion, but also bearing in mind the conspicuous consumer behavioural qualities within buying from the luxury sector.



















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