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A Luxury Customer

A Luxury Customer

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Luxury fashion brands have had to accommodate for todays digital way of life on so many levels, and some brands are still trying to keep up with this. Clearly, spending a month’s salary on a truly beautiful item is a big choice for anyone. It should be a pleasurable experience, but the agony of judging what it will say about us, and the wondering of whether there might be a better choice is always there. After all, even a billionaire can only wear one set of earrings at a time!






Many luxury houses would proudly confess to being boldly focused on the bag (et al) they are promoting. Nevertheless, because of today’s social media behaviour, the industries have had to find new ways of understanding customer’s intentions. We still want the traditional methods of heritage, history, and solid foundations within a label, but we are also demanding fast results and exciting involvements within our purchases.






I suppose one could say that the buzzword today is 'experience' as when acquiring that Chanel 2.55 bag, no matter your age category (and for me this should not be an issue for looking on-trend!) there develops a connection to places and people that can become part of your personal story. Therefore, the job of the fashion brand is to provide you with precisely that – something that you perceive to be completely personally special. For myself, I think this is when our own social platforms come in to play, as even when we have bought a heavily advertised luxury item, it stills makes it unique to us when we post it.






What I love about buying something from the luxury sector is the dream that comes with it. Purchasing such extravagance is not an instant decision (unless of course you are that billionaire!) therefore; we have made deeply held decisions long before we buy it. Hence, why I adore luxury fashion; it is an identity, or even a dream that comes true when we purchase such frivolities. Obviously, they are not a necessity, but they are a gratification that only people who adore such articles will comprehend.




























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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx

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