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Postmodernism in Fashion

Postmodernism in Fashion

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Postmodernism in fashion has developed immensely over the past few decades with designers such as Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto and YSL demonstrating its key elements.





Alongside the development of global corporations, the term ‘postmodernism’ was applied to fashion and design movements that emerged from the 1960s to the present day.






Personally, I believe that fashion has (incorrectly) been regarded as feminine and therefore for some bizarre reason classed in the ‘low’ art form. Such balderdash, especially when one considers architecture to be masculine and thus a form of high art. However, with postmodernism, there is no manual to dictate the status of such different artistic methods.







What we have today is postmodernism becoming a description of changes that have occurred in contemporary society and culture. Clearly, life today is very different to fifty or even twenty years ago, with traditional roles such as motherhood, ‘a woman’s place’ and marriage, no longer being regarded as such a goal. Postmodernism challenges these traditional values of todays societies, and especially so in western society.







In addition, postmodernism fashion is often applicable to historical imagery, or even the use of materials from other frameworks. Today, many of us regard it as retro, as it revisits the styles from the particular decade and can therefore reveal multicultural ideas.







For myself, there has been this continual trend of self-expression through fashion, what we wear and freedom to speak our minds within our attire, and especially so this past decade. I have often spoken about how fashion and art combined can be used as social or political symbols, as they both have the ability to advertise an individual’s representation of self as well as overall criticising society.







In conclusion, postmodernism fashion embraces new technologies yet can still represent the past, and if anything it certainly seeks to ask more questions then it answers. There are so many inquiries attached to postmodernism though, so in the mean time, why don’t we just enjoy the creations that the designers have conjured and applaud those who represent so much personally, in what they wear.




















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