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From Designer to Artist

From Designer to Artist

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In recent years, there has ben a shift in position where the designer is concerned. As in today’s fashion-world, there now lies a desire to be regarded as a real creative artist, just as an artisan would embrace.








The late and great Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first to demonstrate extra talents, such as photography; John Galliano literally presents himself as a work of art in the form of the romantic/renaissance artist. Tom Ford has become a self proclaimed and highly regarded film director, and these are to name but a few. Evidently, creative art infiltrates business it seems, and especially so within luxury brands.







Personally, I believe luxury fashion enjoys being associated with art as it allows them to be just as historical. It is no disguise that one of the main properties belonging to high quality is craftsmanship. This intense procedure can easily be presented as contemporary art, as the designer profoundly sanctifies each design.








As we can see, the transformation of luxury fashion designers as art icons is a consequence of the search for growth. It is no wonder our protagonists in the fashion world have such magnetic personalities, as clearly this is what the brands look for. It is as though they desire such flamboyant characters to emphasise their label and breath newfound life into it. This strong persona would also allow for an elite following, again another reason for the fashion house to require such presence. Think of how Lagerfeld brought back Chanel in the 1980s, and what Alexander McQueen did for Givenchy.








In our digital world today, we obviously have social media to help build and maintain a cultural icon within the designer, not only is this is a great platform for their personality to seek authority, but also for the customer to obtain a sense of their unique quality of disposition.







Consequently, art and culture combined create exclusiveness for all, which can now be leveraged by selling more fashion to more people. Thus, fashion items are considered as art objects rather than commercial ones, which is conclusively achieved without diluting the charm of the brand or designer. The process is exciting to watch as more creations are explored through the industry, and therefore the theory that fashion is art continues to grow.















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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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