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Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends

Coco Chanel 1920s





This statement speaks volumes despite being nearly a century old, simply because the declaration is resolute in today’s ever-changing social media society. We are aware of how indulgent we have become through such techy-avenues, but what remains the same is the subjective manner of such truth. Basically, luxury is a personal vocation that’s dependant on the individual's lifestyle and budget.





Even in the ancient Roman and Egyptian empires, social class was definitive through dress and lifestyle, to a degree this has not changed, but what has developed is a broadening on luxury, its market and the products.



However, what has sustained is the concept associated with the terminology of luxury; exclusivity, high quality, prestige and excessive pricing.




Social classing has had to develop since the introduction to global media and instant information through the realms of the Internet. Clearly, luxury was once an opportune for the selective few, but now, with the ‘front row seat’ aspect to celebrities and their lifestyles, we are aware of such existences.





An obvious segment of luxury is high pricing, if a product sustains its high cost then it continues in the realm of luxury. Even through a recession, luxury goods still withstand such an economical crisis as their value is of such superiority.






In today’s society, we have deployed what can only be described as newer luxury ‘pockets’. This has occurred because of our multicultural/global insight through the means of social and media facets. Hence, other brands have conjured up new luxury to contend with the old. These newbies on the block, range at a more affordable price bracket and usually come in the form of socks, key chains and eyewear.





As the digital world expands our knowledge and insights, it also feeds on our personal material urges. This change in society is becoming more blurred as the lines close in. Pre WWI, we had the aristocracy and the working class. Nonetheless, through the history of industrial revolutions, global wars and technological progressions, social classes are less divided. One is certain though, that we are fully aware of the elite reputation for luxury goods and their value. For something so powerful that it is rarely affected by global economic decline, such dominance is steadfast and eternal.











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx

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