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City Lights

City Lights

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Lights start twinkling in the sky, traffic stops and this never ending silence plays like music to your ears. It is this very silence that creates the perfect atmosphere for one to reflect on their self and internal strengths, it is this very silence that allows you to create and process your ideas. Your eyes open wide and your senses are in full swing. You take a deep breath, one that you hear in your silence and feel more energized than ever before... Lets take a step back and think what does this motion make you feel? What does it make you think of? What emotions does it create to you? For the fashion enthusiasts, including myself in the above category, it makes one connect every little detail of that very night in the city with fashion. Lights resemble vivid clothes. Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Pink are the colours visible, but it is your very imagination and experiences that distort the colours mentioned above and allow you to create something unique. That is when one comes to respect the importance of the mind and sets to create something that same person would have never imagined.

On another note, that very same night might allow one to turn the colours into fashion items and create a unique look or styling option for the day after or even for the same night. Well, that all depends on the occasion each person has to attend. Vivid red leather pants that resemble the lights of the construction sights, tranquil black bandeau tops that resemble the very quit night and sky high black coloured heels with red details and buckles that resemble the dangers ahead and empowerment cross ones mind. It is in fact that image in ones head that will lead that very person to create, explore and blend inn his or her thought to the fashion industry. That is the reason why I have come to respect the night creators and enthusiasts, because creativity has no boundaries.

Much Love,
Danae V.