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The 4 Places It's Most Fun To Dress Up

The 4 Places It's Most Fun To Dress Up

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If you like to look stylish, you probably like other people to notice it as well. That’s more or less part of the game, such that while you should always dress for yourself first, there’s no harm in making sure you’re showing off a bit as well. And showing off your most fashionable looks isn’t just about pulling them off in the first place, but also where you take them! The options, so to speak, different for people in different places, with unique hobbies, varying surroundings, etc. Generally speaking though, these are some of the most fun places to dress up a bit and show off your sense of style. 


The Office





There’s just something about dressing like a boss at the office that will never get old, which is something that, if you don’t already know, you’ll quickly agree with once you give it a try. Now, that doesn’t mean you should overdress to the point of standing out in a bizarre way at work. This can reflect negatively on you, not from a style standpoint, but in terms of workplace culture or even hierarchy, to some extent. However, within whatever general dress code may be expected at your place of business, it’s always fun - and, to a degree, wise - to dress toward the higher end. Not only do you get to experiment with some nicer professional attire and feel great strutting your stuff, but you make a strong, professional, and assertive impression in the process. It’s a win-win. 


Fancy Restaurants





If you take the time to read up on how to dress for nice restaurants these days, you’ll actually find a lot of articles and comments suggesting things are getting irreversibly casual. This is true. It’s not uncommon to walk into a restaurant with $60 entrees and see men in dark jeans and form-fitting t-shirts, or women in blouses and skirts. At the same time however, at truly fancy restaurants you’ll also still see impeccable suits and fashionable dresses. Point being, it’s never bad to dress up for a fancy restaurant. In fact the pageantry of it all can almost make the meal more enjoyable, in a way, and particularly if you’re out on a date night, or with girlfriends you don’t see too often, you’ll probably want to look your best anyway. 







In-person casinos don’t get quite as much attention these days, thanks to the incredible and sustained growth of online gaming. A wide variety of sites make casinos accessible to just about everyone on the internet, offering free start-up perks and game varieties that the in-person joints can’t quite compete with. Not only does all this lure some away from these in-person venues, but it’s also made the whole business a little more casual. As with a fancy restaurant though, you’re never going to feel wrong dressed to the nines handling cards and poker chips, or even walking into a casino steakhouse. Here too, pageantry is part of the equation, and one can argue it’s even more important given that it’s one of the things that still sets brick-and-mortar establishments apart from online companies. 






Theater isn’t getting more casual the way fancy restaurants or casinos are. In fact, it has long been associated with a variety of different style options, meaning there have long been blends of more casual and fancier attire in audiences, at least at most venues. If you really want to make an occasion of it though, dressing up is more than appropriate. One article pointing to specific chic looks for Broadway shows (including some from celebrities) said it best: the occasion warrants an ensemble that is more dressed up and glamorous than your usual day-to-day outfits. Who are we to argue with that sort of invitation to dress up!

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