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On Tuesday 19th February, as I scrolled through my usual daily fashion feeds, the news broke of Karl Lagerfeld’s death in Paris and an instant ache hit me, followed by a wash of sadness and then a shiver, all within a few seconds. I obviously didn’t know the creative genius, nor ever had the pleasure of meeting him, but for me, this immediate reaction emphasized my true passion, respect and love or all that is fashion and aesthetic.





Evidently, Mr Lagerfeld wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, and we’re aware how the designer portrayed himself as almost untouchable to the norm, yet contrary, all that knew him, adored him. Since his untimely death, I have read numerous disclosers of how this powerful man was all heart, and all that worked closely with him had nothing but admiration.





In the past, I often read personal snippets about him, simply because I was curious, how did this brilliant mind work, what were his work ethics, his inspirations. His lifestyle and attitude certainly supported his prodigies and brilliance, for one who never drank, smoked or took drugs, its no wonder such a fresh approach was consistent within his work. Karl was also noted for once declaring, that why would he want to induce his body into taking mind-controlling substances.





One of the main reasons I possess such admiration is for the theatrical method in how he brought the runway to life. The clothes, backdrop, location and set, all had a part to play in the portrayal of the collection, I mean, who could forget the nearly 150m long cruise ship for Chanel cruise 2018? Which incidentally was originally supposed to set sail, but unfortunately they had to pull out last minute.






However, it was the fashion houses that he worked for that really clarified his exceptional creative power, and of course, the bold inner strength that never faded. Some may not be aware but in his quieter days at the beginning with Chloe, Karl actually cemented the bohemian attitude that the brand today is famously renowned for. At Fendi, he was creative director for over 50 years and was notorious for transforming the brand into luxury RTW. Yet, of course, Chanel will be his most recollected by the masses, and rightly so. Apparently, when he was approached to take the reigns of the failing company, he was warned against such an offer, so of course; he took to the role immediately.






Fabled, imaginative, innovative and truly iconic, there are so many ways to describe this legendary man. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure, Karl Lagerfeld will go down in history as one of the most paramount designers of our time, I know I will miss his magic on the runways, but I’m also convinced, his legend will live on.











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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