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With the enticement of NYFW now upon us, we are once more distracted by the street-wear that is on offer. The style itself continues in strength for the entertainment factor and its newfound position of the prelude to the main shows. What I have found appealing so far is the contrast in what has been on display on the sidewalks of New York. We began the week with a wonderful monochrome effect where beige seemed to rule, however, coming in to the midweek and its all change. Instead of the naturel, hue of neutral we have been confronted with what can only be described as an array of fascinating bold and bright shades and fabulous daring prints.







One of the many concepts I love about fashion week is how all eyes are now on the spectators just as much as the celebrities, the designers and their collections. Street-wear has become a spectacle within itself and of course, this has escalated since the beginning of social media.







We probably have the infamous photographer Scott Schuman to thank for the birth of such phenomenon, his images of the show-goers attending Milan SS07 MW collection were a complete hit. Obviously, from the perspective of a professional, the pictures possess a much more personal vibe compared to the effervescent effect that todays ‘influences’ provide on their iPhones.







When debating street-style in 2019, we have to mention K-Pop and its huge influence on fashion. Alternatively, perhaps it’s the other way round, but basically Seoul itself is a core of creativity thanks to the younger generations boldness and sense of freedom to express. Ironically, when you observe the wonderfully crazy head scarfs, tattoos, contrasting patterns and bevies of asymmetrical and disproportional angles, it is almost as if the collections inside are still a little behind. Maybe the influence of the western world (in a fashion sense) still rules on the catwalks, but this certainly is not the case on the streets. South Korea itself though is on the rise to be a major contendere for fashion focus and revolutionary designs and innovation.








As the digital world brings us closer together, the majority of Generation Z seems to be at the heart of such unity; Vu Thien (vuthien239) is one of my favourite Gen Z’s to follow on Insta. Some would describe her as the epitome of Nouveau-Goth, as despite the relevant heaviness and angst attached, there is also a tinge of soft femininity.







However, for me ‘influences’ as thus are the embodiment of what the younger generation are portraying; a desire for creation to come together, not just through creativity but also humanity.





If you look closely at some of Vu Thien’s images and text, you’ll notice the odd reference to history and tradition for her country. This is why street-wear today is so powerful. We have a whole generation who are not afraid to release their identity rather than a desire to conform to regularities of fashion; they want to inspire universally and to be inspired by the world.







Whatever the fashion week, it is always appealing to admire and witness what spectators, fashion insiders and influences are donning to requested venues. Finally, let us not forget what street-style itself has propagated through the self-made stars in the form of The Blonde Salad and the like. Lets face it; the Selfie has taken the photographers place and editorial literature has been overrun by blogging; basically, the fashion show starts on the street not inside on the runway, but you’d have to admit, it’s a pretty good performance.









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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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