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There have been recent declarations that colour and trend prediction are something of the past, as the concept itself has begun to wane in popularity. However, despite these projections we are still listening to the likes of Pantone et al and taking heed of upcoming hues and fashion forecasts.






We are fully aware of the advantages that digital platforms provide and the power we have at our fingertips. Therefore, these supremacies have justifiably been in control of certain trends, and specifically colour. Yet, despite these media revolutions, we still crave the traditional methods that relevant establishments provide. It is quite exceptional that such procedures of predicting what colours we shall be donning in the coming years, is based on methods constructed from WWII when items such as fabric were rationed.





Only a few years ago, I was reading an article regarding the power of social media, and Instagram in particular. We take it for granted (I suppose) the ‘Insta’ effect that we are all so used to and perhaps this is why the rumour of the demise in prediction has arisen. To put it in laymen terms, if Queen B was snapped wearing canary yellow, there would be quite a few of us (globally) perusing the fashion sites for such a tone. Obviously, it would make no alteration that we had previously been informed by the relevant sources that an entirely different colour was this seasons must-have.





Nonetheless, we continue to be instructed of upcoming colour trends, their ambiguous titles and the meaning behind such enchantment, and to be honest, most of us are ok with this. Maybe it’s familiarity, after all, we have trust in such publications as Vogue, Harpers and Elle, surely if the top fashion magazines are supporting such prediction, then it must be true (?)






Innovation isn’t particularly predictable though, and there is a new consumer out there who does not desire fashion dictation, let alone sermons on colour or procurement principles. Personal identity has risen in popularity since the birth of social media, for example: the whole ‘fraternity’ notion of the 90s has taken on a whole new persona for 2019. Even though its not entirely about following the heard, but more following yourself, there is still a want to have industry instruction.






Personally, because social media is relatively new, we are still gaining knowledge of the pros and cons of such platforms. It seems that even though we are moving forward futuristically, at the same time, we are also wanting to remain with traditional methods and have them in practise in the present day. Therefore, I found it quite fitting when I read about the colour forecast for this year. ‘Living Coral’ is the Pantone prediction for 2019, which is apparently the connotation of how the coral reefs provide shelter to a display of colour. However, it also ironically denotes a nod towards our environment, a nurturing appearance in our natural surroundings and therefore a lively presence within our social media, how perfectly apt for the new age. 










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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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