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New Year-New You

New Year-New You

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A brand new year is a perfect opportunity to set new goals and establish a list of future accomplishments. I myself can be a tad cynical with the thought of making such strong announcements for a specific day, and would rather attempt to achieve throughout the year when the moment suits. However, one cannot deny that a new year is a blank canvas, a perfect chance to paint your destiny and your personal masterpiece, and for some, an actual date set in their diary, creates such personal attainability.





2019 does mean reinvention, a brand new year therefore, a brand new you. Personally, I’m not keen on that phrase (note to self-check title!) but I do firmly believe in taking chances, making bolder moves within your closet for example can lift you internally. Of course, bold doesn’t have to mean, neon vibes, clashing patterns and uber oversizing. For myself, it’s about being brave but comfortable, holding your head up high with the knowledge that you didn’t repetitively put on your comfortable all in black ensemble. Usually this comfort ambiance relates to our fear of change; change itself can be daunting at first but mostly the outcome is worthwhile and positively progressive. 





Social media has been a blessing for so many reasons, creating an arena of personal positivity but on the flip side; its negative attributes are at times unavoidable. We have to remember that there is a lot of storytelling on these channels; avenues for outsiders to paint wondrous images of their so-called perfect lives. However, the majority of the time these posts have no depth, and my foremost pet peeve; we gain no knowledge on an academic or spiritual level-what are we really learning from these people? But there are amazing outlets to follow which are full of optimism, and personally its about following your desires, interests and platforms that hold healthy foundations.





Nevertheless, what is exciting for 2019 is the fashion-scene. Since the political antics happening globally in 2018, millennials have taken on the persona of actual activists, thus displaying their conceptions through what they wear. As it has transcended onto the runway, and with the increase in individuality, genderless designs and traditional crafts, it seems we are searching for inner harmony and spiritual illumination. Political campaigning has worked its way into fashion, and I believe it will only become greater in 2019. 





All in all, it’s a new year, the best resolution we can make is to look after ourselves, to be aware of others and to be kind and thoughtful. I’m a firm believer of being affirmative, to treating those around you how you wish to be treated and remembering we only have this one golden opportunity on this beautiful earth. So enjoy your Christmas, have a happy time celebrating the New Year, and when 2019 finally arrives, may you find the will and wonder to gravitate to the good and fulfilling and look fantastic in doing so!








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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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