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A Tale of Festive Jumpers!

A Tale of Festive Jumpers!

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Once considered a bit of an eyesore, the novelty Christmas jumper is now a firm favourite among the majority of us, whether you’re a fan or not! I can’t say I am myself, but there seems to be a lot of goodwill gesture involved, including many retailers comprising a percentage to charity. If I were to opt for such a style, I’d be more game towards the traditional fair isle guise, rather than the all singing novelty approach!





Historically, the jumper can be traced back to Scandinavia before the 20th C, where such characterisation was formed to differentiate fisherman and communities. Obviously, today, these geometric patterns are more popularly known as ‘fair Isle knit’ where such a design is sufficiently appreciated on the runway.





Moving-forward, the jumper became widely known when worn by skiers, this of course increased when such outdoor activity became popular with the masses. Ergo, the elite and famous started to ski and therefore wear the attire, and of course, the mere folk soon followed suit. Once the jumpers layered with snowy landscapes and Christmas trimmings were used in advertising in the 50s, things really took off. In the 1960s, Pop Culture polarised so much creatively and globally, mainly by merging the arts and artists of many fields together. From such developments, an attitude engulfed the runway, and designers injected the catwalk with bright geometric patterned jerseys and jumpers.





The Christmas jumper was also popular in the 1980s as characterful presenters donned them during the holidays. However, in Ireland, such apparel was already a fad, and many TV personalities were renowned for wearing knitted items personally made by their elderly relatives. In fact, in the 1990s, we can observe such irony in the classic Irish sitcom Father Ted, where many characters were witnessed in such colourful knits! Enter the 2000s and the merry pullover had become a novelty gag, and purchased as a joke for fellow workmates and unfortunate relatives.





Considering, such apparel used to have the appellation associated with communities, nerds and tomfoolery; the ‘original’ festive jumper has come a long way. I need not remind you how knitwear itself has befitted something of a marvel and shaken off its once dusty reputation. Therefore, the craft has opened many creative doors including the Christmas sweater, allowing such an item to be classed as sexy and sassy; who would have believed it!






The growing global adoration of such festive knitwear is showing no signs of slacking off just yet. In fact, it has become a tradition within itself for households, offices and party’s to be overrun by such novelty, and the difference today is that its such a big part of the Christmas celebration. Obviously, it is the time to be jolly, humorous and playful, and the joy of it now is that you can also look sassy doing so-jingle all the way fellow fashionistas!











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