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Over and Out: DV Closet featured at Kali Pop-Up showcasing the new facet of savvy shoppers

Over and Out: DV Closet featured at Kali Pop-Up showcasing the new facet of savvy shoppers

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For two weeks, Kali, the customizable period box company, hosted a bevy of other brands at the Upton space in Manhattan. Upton is known for its rotating featured brands that want a brick-and-mortar outpost for a limited time. This fresh take on retail allows independent and niche brands to join forces and reach out to consumers who want an in-store experience showcasing cool, innovative products that are making waves in their niche.

Kali boxes can be configured for every woman’s personal period needs. This means the right number of pads and tampons in one box that’s delivered to her door. The company focuses on organic materials sourced responsibility, giving the Millennial sect their preferred period brand

DV Closet stylist, Nadia Murdock, was on site on October 4th for an event in conjunction with women’s wellness apparel brand, Will Lane. Versatility for wellness gear is at an all-time high. “Athleisure rules the runway, and the line between what is an athletic shoe and a casual shoe continues to blur. Brands and retailers must continue to feed this trend,” Matt Powell of NPD told Forbes earlier this year. This means athleisure brands are looking at high tech fabrics and colors that have a streamlined fit and easily integrate with other pieces in shoppers’ closets.

Will Lane does just this, bringing the best elements of women’s workout gear with high performance fabrics that are self-wicking and keep it cool even when going full force. Colorblocking, textured panels and chic functional jackets round out this contemporary athleisure brand devoted to making you look cool in the studio and beyond.

Brands and apparel like Will Lane are ideal for those who want versatility in their closets. Murdock focuses on fit and lifestyle when working with clients and showing them how to make the most of their wardrobe. “Maximizing your wardrobe means investing in what counts: those base layers like black tanks and tops that you can pop under any jacket. Pieces like the Will Lane Billie Tank are ideal at the gym or for pilates but it also looks great under a fitted knit moto jacket all day when you’re at the office. These double-duty tops are especially popular because it means we [women] have less to lug around when we want to go from work to our fitness space after 5.”

From Left to Right: Kali Boxes Founder, Jonna Piira, Janine Just, DV Closet Stylist Nadia Murdock, Alyson Charles

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