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Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

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As temperatures have finally risen in the UKs capital, London’s streets are starting to look more and more like a summer infused runway.





Long dresses, denim shorts, sunglasses in all shapes, colours and sizes, logo t-shirts and tank tops may be observed in every street and every park. Of course the accessory definitely more evident is each individuals smile, proof of the content we all feel that the summer season has finally arrived (better late than never).



I cannot help but get inspired by the sunshine and blooming flowers. Although my spirits are definitely lifted by the change of season I still keep a soft spot for sneakers as well as hoodie dresses. No matter what the season a comfortable streetstyle/athleisure look is always in fashion and can be worn anywhere and everywhere. The notable difference is that I can finally pair my favourite ripped jeans or t-shirt dress with a leather jacket as my winter coats have moved to the very back of my wardrobe. Add a pair of sneakers and voilà you are ready to go. In order to add a pop of colour to your look if you love dark coloured outfits like myself do not hesitate to add a pair of sunglasses with colourful lenses as well as an ever trending tote bag.



 Now that your look is sorted go ahead and enjoy the sunshine, as it may not last very long…. And one last thing, do not forget to grab a jacket on your way out as well as an umbrella because, lets be realistic this is London.






Danae V





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