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Theatrical Fashion & Gucci

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With the vast response to Gucci’s recent runway show in Milan, which consisted of models carrying their own prosthetic heads and SPX third eyes attached to foreheads and hands, you’d think that Alessandro Michele was the first creative director to step into the realms of something so theatrical, but the runway has been a stage for such performances many times over, where models have been puppets to the designers mind and displayed many dramatic splendours.




It is quite obvious that fashion itself has been increasingly more vivid and staged; the creative lines have become blurred through many artistic outlets, especially since the 1960s, and we are now witnessing frequent outbursts of these elaborate showstoppers. Fashion should be considered more of an art form, for many reasons, including the performance domain on the catwalk, this of course in an on going debate in and out of the artistic and creative world and one that some say will never be resolved.





Karl Lagerfeld and his Chanel extravaganzas have always been a notable exception; Lagerfeld always wows us with a spectacle of grand proportions--and clothes to match. The Chanel show, is undoubtedly the head cheerleader within the fashion – squad, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most appealing.






I continually find Michele’s conceptions entertaining, and I particularly admire how and where he has taken Gucci, some folk are sceptical and focus on the slight repetitive themes he has reoccurring in his collections, but the sheer amusement and film-fantasy factor really come to life in his work which is quite spellbinding; if an image beholds the power to absorb your concentration and contemplate its meaning, then its effective. But also for Alessandro, what I find interesting is discovering how and why a current (and sometimes not that well known) artist collaborated with the brand and what made the two creatives come together and produce such creations.




In all, Michele does possess an upper hand within his profession; he is in a global position to literally show the world his deepest thoughts and bring his fantasies to life, and this for some creatives is a situation they will never experience. He has this platform that only few could ever imagine to uphold, but even so, as far as I’m concerned, keep producing that ingenuity please Gucci.







Victoria Tozzi

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