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When the whole concept of “see now-buy now” was first introduced, it was perceived as a strategic attempt aimed at speeding up the transition of apparels and accessories from the stage to the high street in order to meet the ‘so called’ demands of the ‘progressively exasperated purchasers for the newest designs’. Interesting; of course for some the idea of obtaining your favourite item within hours of admiring it from the runway is a fashion-fanatics dream come true, but for others, such a process is taking away an essence from the procedure and of course only encouraging the unethical and non-organic manner of fast fashion. I for one do not perceive the (authentic) consumer as a famished-fashionista in dire need of an impending trend –fix.




We are aware of the perils in social media and how blame for such movements can be put upon our phones (et al), but our digital network is also a place where it can work the other way; new designers are emerging who are working in a completely sustainable approach, we also have a generation who are putting their preaching into practice and endorsing their own products and individuality and the thought of becoming ‘preppy’ is not even a consideration. The prevalent choice to implement the ‘see now-buy now’ notion has however proved enticing for those who crave for immediacy and those who require some form of style-validation, there is also conclusive evidence (because of the world we now live in) that we actually expect to have such a choice as a consumer. All this does is highlight the fact that as a community, we have demanded such a process from the fashion world, and because of the sheer power of social media, the industry has complied.   





There is the argument that the fashion industry is out of touch with the consumer and so by bringing ‘see now-buy now’ into their world, this is allowing them to purchase the newest trend as it comes fresh off the runway, rather than waiting for it to arrive at the department store which by then, will no longer be the latest fad. This is standardly true, however, one cannot make presumptions that all the customers out there are ready in the wings and living in a world where such a procedure is essential for their own personal wardrobe, attire and lifestyle.




For me, it is obvious that ‘see now-buy now’ has it frivolous attributes, but in all, can one really confirm that such a procedure is the answer to the fashion industry’s problems that have occurred over the dramatically changing last 10 years? If anything, it is certainly not the key to take away the whole process of consumer shopping, whether that be on-line or on the high street, where’s the logic in that.







Victoria Tozzi

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