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Art Deco (Fashion Style)

Art Deco (Fashion Style)

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Art movements have always maintained a strong influence when it comes to the style and fashion of a specific time and era and art deco is a fine example for this; it embodied an age when there was a style to life itself and fashion was a vital a part of it. The reason for the rapid success of such an art movement is that it was essentially a fashionable style; all styles have their day, but in the 20th century the fashion industry moved in response to public taste quicker than ever before.






In fashion, it becomes quite evident how powerful the cultural zeitgeist predominates, especially through economic variation and this was indubitably the case in the roaring 1920s and social depressive 1930s; as the costume donned by the dwindling wealthy, became even more ostentatious and extravagant. This was clearly a time where fashion became a protagonist in the art field with its station to be the provider of warmth and comfort where areas could otherwise be left stark and austere.






The money wasn’t there for the majority to squander on lavish surroundings, yet most women could put needle to thread, and cutting your hair into a fashionable bob need not be expensive.






The group of surrealist in the 1930s dramatically challenged the horizon in the world of fashion with their trompe-l’oeil perceptions, causing uproar in respectable society’s to some of the daring proposals and not forgetting; setting the precedent to the production of ground-breaking designs that we still see today. The Surrealist Movement (which was founded by a group of artists in the 1920s Paris) was an avenue to escape the real world, explore your imagination, and challenge your unconscious. This was certainly the case with such thought-provoking attitudes they were able to produce mind-blowing pieces that pushed the creative world on so many levels. A sight we often see today, 2010 was no exception when Viktor & Rolf (who are renowned for such artistry) wowed us with such surreal splendour. 





Schiaparelli and Chanel were starting to make waves as commended creatives, the top designers at this time though were; Jean Patou, Jeanne Lanvin, Worth and Nina Ricci to name but a few. However, it was Paul Poiret that was really setting the standards in the outline of the fashion industry; everything that was connected to his collections, designs and brand were touched by the most flamboyant and/or affluent manner; nothing was spared to emphasize his creative sphere.






Art Deco was distinct with its elegant and vivid colour; the relationship between the movement and clothing can be easily distinguished from haute couture to bold geometric templates. Art Deco will always be referred to for its multiple influences on fashion and such inspirations can be traced in their form, cut and detail and a vision often seen on the runway today.









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