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Fashion and Museums

Fashion and Museums

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What we have been witnessing these past few years is an increase of the number of fashion exhibitions appearing in museums. A new proscenium arch has been erected in spaces usually reserved for artwork. My belief for this escalation with such creative revolution is that there is a rise with established creatives and the mere public in their acceptance that fashion is a form of art, I suppose it enables us to talk about fashion from a reflective cultural perspective rather than that of the orthodox trend-driven, seasonal standpoint.





Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty was such a worldwide hit that by the time the doors closed in 2014, it had attracted the largest amount of visitors to an exhibition in the V&A’s noble existence. Thus, confirming by such means of a social exposure and genuine indication of how we as a spectator acknowledge what we perceive as a true form of art accompanied by what excites and enthrals us in the creative world.





Cultural significance of fashion emulates the conventional behaviours and perceptions of years bygone just as art does. These parallels of the two art forms continue as they clarify such historical relevance in all societies, but because of this new found acceptance of fashion and its belonging; these lines are becoming more blurred, as fashion has never been so accessible as it is today. It seems that we, as a whole, understand the concepts of a designer, mainly because of the tools now presented to us; with a click of a button we can attain such a range of knowledge and with the museums catering for our needs on a much larger spectrum rather than the traditional formal niches we were originally obliged with. And lets face it, what is more significant of a generation’s cultural development then the apparel of that period?





We are witnessing fashion appearing in capacities dedicated to art, but what is also apparent is the characteristics of the two forms and how similar they are becoming; albeit, fashion follows art but there is a trend appearing where art is assuming features of fashion too.





Fashion is a form of art, it is a platform for a creative to express their artistic desires and see their innovations come to life. It is also a method of relevance for deciphering a time in history, as through a costume we are able to interpret what social and cultural occurrences were happening in this period. I think it is fantastic that we can now go to our favourite museum and be able to absorb such fashion delight. The more we accept that fashion is an art form and belongs in such places, the better.







Victoria Tozzi


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