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Turtlenecks: A Winter Must

Turtlenecks: A Winter Must

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As we approach the colder days of winter, we still want to make sure we can be on trend while still being fashion forward. One of this season’s latest trends that we seem to be enjoying are playful turtlenecks. Several fashion brands such as Adolfo Sanchez, Marks & Spencer, and 1x1 are offering their own unique take on this classic design. With several options on the market, there’s no doubt there is something for everyone.

For plenty of people, it’s so important to find sweaters that are designed well enough to withstand low temperatures. British brand, Marks & Spencer has the Mohair Blend Turtleneck by Autograph. With a four fabric blend, this turtleneck was made for the coldest winter days.

Back in the US, luxury brand, Adolfo Sanchez has developed a more classic approach to the turtleneck. Sanchez’s Ara Nero turtleneck is manufactured with silk jersey material and has a simple yet elegant appearance making is perfect for an everyday look. For a more casual look, match it with a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans.

Also, for anyone who lives in warmer climates, they can still participate in the turtleneck trend with 1x1’s sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater. Although it is sleeveless, this sweater won’t leave anyone cold. This turtleneck that can be worn in almost any weather as it’s made with all natural American Merino Wool. As a bonus, the wool is sustainably sourced from small farms in Oregon, and the sweaters are created in Los Angeles, California, making them eco-friendly.

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