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Padded Jackets: We <3 It

Padded Jackets: We <3 It

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With the weather getting colder, it is clear that it’s time to get a new jacket. For many people, their most fabulous jackets can handle the early days of winter, but as the temperatures continue to drop what they have might not be enough. Padded jacket are becoming popular this season and are a definite must to keep clients warm this winter!

Topshop Metallic Puffer Jacket:

Noted fashion brand, Topshop has always been on the latest trends and has offered great clothing for just about anyone. Right now they are offering this trendy Metallic Puffer Jacket that is very chic and well-insulated. Not only is it a shiny silver color but it’s made with 100% Nylon, which makes it durable for the coldest of winter days.

Mark and Spencer Down & Feather Padded Jacket:

Across the pond, British retailer, Marks and Spencer has even created their own padded coats. One of which is their Down & Feather Padded jacket. The jacket is stuffed with high-quality down feathers, comes in three different colors, and has a removable hood which is great for different types of weather. Not to mention it pairs great with jeans or leggings!

ASOS Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Collar Longline:

Also in the UK, the high-end fashion brand, Miss Selfridge is currently distributing a coat at ASOS for the winter season. The Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Collar Longline padded coat is similar to the Mark and Spencer Down & Feather Padded Jacket in terms of design. However, unlike the M&S jacket, this design is more animal friendly with it’s faux fur trim. In addition, the coat is well padded and comes in a sleek black color that is great for winter.

H&M Padded Jacket:

While many of these jackets are trendy and fashionable, for some it might not fit into their budget. However, back in the US, one shop is always budget friendly: H&M. As always, H&M has a seasonal winter line that is affordable for anyone. But of course their collection wouldn’t be complete without their Padded jacket with a hood. Not only does it come in four colors, but it is created with deep pockets that is perfect for storing any item that won’t fit in a purse.

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Cover Image Credit: http://us.asos.com/jdy/jdy-quilted-padded-jacket/prd/8637236?&affid=20597&channelref=paid+social&mk=abc&currencyid=2&ppcadref=%7Bcampaignid%7D%7C%7Badgroupid%7D