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On the 22nd of September 2015, I walked down a runway for the first time in my life. Debut Magazine’s London Fashion Week Networking Party was the event that took place and I walked for new upcoming designers. The experience was exhilarating, surreal combined with a rush of adrenaline every time I ran backstage to change into my next outfits.

The event took place at a very unique bar/ lounge in Shoreditch called NinetyEight. The interior of this place I would describe as; vintage and eclectically elegant. I clocked in by 1pm for hair and makeup. The soft bristles from the brush stroking my face made it so difficult to keep awake while I was getting my makeup done. I found the makeup look really strong as it emphasised on thick full brows, lots of contouring and statement lips.

At 7pm guests started arriving and models were already in their first outfits for the runway at a quarter past eight. I was so hungry, nervous yet excited. When the show finally started it went by so quickly and made me realise one thing; an entire team from designers, event coordinators and members of PR/Marketing put in months of work for just 20-30 minutes.”

My first look was a long purple skirt with a silver train and a long sleeved blouse. It was a lightweight shiny material that changed to different rich shades of purple whenever it hit the lights. The second look was very warm because the entire outfit was made out of thick heavy wool. I wore a turtle neck that covered half of my face, a pair of shorts with leggings underneath and had a mini backpack as an accessory.

For the finale I wore a huge hoodie with faux fur as its outer piping detail with a long wool dress underneath. I took a bow with the designer and ran back upstairs to change into my cocktail dress and joined in the party with the guests and Debut Magazine team.

I had a Cinderella moment when the clock stroke midnight because my last train back home was at half past. Thank God for my uber driver that knew shortcuts from Shoreditch to Paddington Station, I got there in time and managed to get Burger King as I was just one mouthful away from my hunger!

For more pictures from the event head on over to this link:


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