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Pilar Corrias Gallery London ft Ulla Von Brandenburg

Pilar Corrias Gallery London ft Ulla Von Brandenburg

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Pilar Corias gallery is a new but very well known gallery in the heart of London. The gallery on its own has three different spaces and artists from all over the world are exhibiting each month their pieces there.  The months of September and October it has the very special exhibition of the known artist Ulla Von Brandenburg.

The German artist Ulla Von Brandenburg, presented her new series of paintings alongside a constellation of objects and props that take leave from her recent film ‘Sink Down Mountain’, ‘Raise up Valley’ that explores the ideas of rituals from the commune of Saint Simonians, a French political and social movement of the early 1800’s. I was lucky enough to work and collaborate with the artist in designing and producing the costumes for the performance that took place in the Performatik festival in Brussels last March. The costumes created a performance live on stage and the audience had a big role in the continuity of the play.



The exhibition of ‘OBJECTS WITHOUT SHADOW’ is featuring new paintings of curtains, each accompanied by an object. Ulla used a process of light-sensitive recording to capture the drape of the curtain on the surface of the canvas. Each object makes reference to different types of carnivalesque, ceremonial or shamanistic practices; they become props that hold the potential to make contact to another world or call forward a physiological consciousness.

The combination of black and white film, installations, performance, drawing and painting create a unique and an amazing environment to be in. Ulla explored the methods of theatre, stage and the rules of performance to engage with cultural or social issues from different moments in history.



The gallery opening event was an amazing experience because people had the chance to talk with the artist and discuss the symbolization of her work. The collaborators of Ulla, including myself, had the chance to see the final pieces and speak with the people that were interested in the individual pieces of art. I always enjoy working with designers and artists because every day you have a new adventure.

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