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Back to the Future

Back to the Future

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Fashions fade but style is eternal YSL

Yves Saint Laurent when he said this could have been predicting the rise of vintage fashion. The idea that style is timeless is proven by how much designers and fashions prominent on today’s catwalk are heavily influenced by what’s gone before, as designers turn to previous eras for inspiration. Classics never go out of style. Period. As fashion becomes ever more mainstream and interchangeable, vintage allows the daring fashionista to retain their originality, which is the key to being stylish.

There are so many reasons to wear vintage but the most obvious is that you get to say stuff like… This is vintage beyotch!! Secure in the knowledge you aren’t wearing the same dress as anyone else at that hot party. If you are, then its retro and not vintage darling!

Winter Is Coming and what better way to prepare than go on a treasure hunt of vintage clothing... faux fur, boho knitwear, psychedelic scarves...well made items that allow you to put together a look that is unique and chic as you put the old with the new in a remix that is now.

Vintage shops dot the landscape of our major cities, but be warned, there are rules to this, a rail in your local charity shop with clothes from the last decade marked vintage isn’t so… it’s just old.

When I scour vintage shops, I console myself with the thought that I’m liberating these outfits whilst doing my bit for recycling and the environment. It’s a win-win. There’s a thrill to hunting vintage fashions, the chase as you go through the shop, bypassing the hor d’oeuvres before your eyes fall on her, it might be a Fendi bag, costume jewellery from the 60s or a Christian Dior Mac… love at first sight. I’m the Delorean bringing this style to life again as I reach back in time to what the stars of Hollywood were wearing, to be ‘in vogue’.

Victoria Tozzi ♥