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The Sunglasses edit

The Sunglasses edit

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There is no doubt that from late March all the way to the beginning of November one’s main accessory apart from jewellery is a protective but yet fashionable pair of sunglasses.




Depending on your mood a pair of sunnies can make or break your look. You can add colour to monochrome styles as well as create the right contrast in order for your style to have a personal touch. Moreover, you can hide your dark circles or puffed eyes if you did not get your beauty sleep the night before. Furthermore, and probably one of the most important reasons one should wear sunglasses is that it protects your eyes as well prevents the creation of wrinkles.





Whatever way one chooses to style or wear them there are infinite styles to choose from that fit all purposes and all personalities. It all depends on what you are aiming to achieve.






As fashion experts, the DV Closet team absolutely loves a good accessory as an addition to any look and we are excited to share our top styles and tips as far as eyewear is concerned.





The fashionistas choice:



 Sunglasses by: Velvet eyewear 



Any individual that wants to make a statement in the fashion world as well as anyone who wants to express his or her feelings will probably make such a choice. The “fashionistas” or “statement” choice of sunglasses will most probably be a bright coloured or not common shape of sunnies that one cannot source easily. Whether the accessory’s lens is colourful or is made by carefully selected and eccentric materials, it is certain you will get heads turning with such a choice.




Our advice on how to style the option in question? Keep it simple! The simpler the outfit, the bigger the impact on your accessory. Moreover, try keeping your look monochrome in order for your sunglasses to contrast your overall outfit.




The classy aviator:



Sunglasses by: Velvet eyewear  



If you are one of the individuals that does not want to spend too much time on overthinking about how you are going to accessorise your look and much rather prefer to focus on the outfit choice and items of clothing co-ordination then we got you sorted. Over the years the classic aviator has never failed to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Initially worn by pilots, the aviator made a strong comeback in the early 2000’s and has dominated the fashion scene ever since. Your wardrobe is not complete without a pair of aviators!




Wondering how to style it? Easy! You can style it any way you like as it is guaranteed to suit any type of look, whether you are aiming for a laid back street style look or an early evening cocktail look you can not go wrong with the style in question. Our advice? If you do not own a pair of aviators make sure to choose a neutral colour for your first pair as you can wear it all year round and with any item of clothing.





The trendy choice:


 Sunglasses by: Ray Ban 



For all closet hunters who share the same motto as we do at DV Closet; yes you do find treasures in the very back of your or your parents closet! Be sustainable people! Remember the style of sunnies trending in the 80’s? Small, big, round and colourful, they were worn by literally everybody. The round shaped ray ban style sunglasses can compliment pretty much any face shape, so it is certain you will find a pair at the very back of your wardrobe.




Need some inspiration styling them? Well, you can style them with endless choices of any type of clothing. Moreover, depending on the colour you choose they can be worn at any given time throughout the day. If they were colourful, for example, we would advise for them to be worn more during the day unless you want to make some sort of fashion statement. If they are neutral such as ray ban’s gold and green pair, you can style it from the beach to any type of afternoon more formal event. Last but not least, if you are aiming for a boho sort of style and look be sure to choose the above category, as nothing looks as good as round glasses with bandanas and boho jewellery.




Whatever category or style you feel you relate to, do not be scared to customize your style and inspiration to what makes you feel brilliant as your smile and confidence is your best accessory.




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