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The Best Styles for Your Body Type

The Best Styles for Your Body Type

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Even if you have the chicest pieces in your closet, nothing compares to well-fitting clothes. Bodies come in a variety of sizes, and simply knowing how to dress for your body type can elevate your style. If you haven’t figured out what styles work best for you, we’ve listed down every body type and the corresponding pieces that’ll enhance your look.


Pear Body Type

If you’ve got a waist that is wider than your bust, and your lower body is significantly fuller in appearance, you’ve probably got a pear body type. The key to making clothes look good on pear-shaped figures is by achieving balance, so pieces that give definition and shape to shoulders may look best for pear body types. ‘Fashion Optical Illusions for Perfect Body Shape’ by The Veiled Beauty notes that a wider neckline will help pear-shaped figures taper their hips. That’s why X-line and A-line dresses will flatter pear-shaped figures the most as these types of dresses lengthen the shoulder and decolletage area.


But other than dresses, accessorising can certainly help pear body shapes too. By wearing statement earrings and/or chunky necklaces, this brings the attention upwards and evens out the body shape. Another way to draw attention to the upper body is by wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Whatever the accessories, pear-figures should make sure to not over-accessorise and keep things bold, but conservative.


Apple Body Type

Also known as circle body types, apple-shaped figures are characterised as having wider shoulders compared to their waists. The waist isn’t usually defined and curves aren’t always prominent with apple body types. For those who have this body type, they can enhance their looks by accentuating the bust, their legs, and arms through different pieces. Tops with A-line silhouettes like V-necks and tunics will look best on them as these usually elongate the neck and direct the attention from the bust to the hips.

One timeless style trend that apple-shaped figures should learn to love are high-waisted jeans. BeModish points out that high-waisted jeans are versatile pieces, and apple figures can use these to define their waist and elongate their legs. What’s more, high-waisted jeans can be paired with virtually any laid back top that apple-shaped figures have in their closet.

Hourglass Body Type

Women who have hourglass figures have full busts and hips that are separated with a well-defined waist. This is what’s commonly known as the curvy body type. The best styles that enhance an hourglass figure are those that show off the curves and exemplify the waist. For example, fitted dresses with comfortable fabric can help hourglass figures show off their features.


To take it up a notch, there are dresses that highlight the waist like wrap dresses. These are especially good if you’re on the smaller side, too. 'The Ultimate Guide to the Best Dresses for Petites’ by Pretty Me explains that wrap dresses can also elongate your figure. That’s because the plunging neckline creates the illusion of a longer torso. Hourglass figures should avoid anything that makes them look boxy ⁠— hiding their figures won’t do them any good.


Rectangle Body Type

Having even proportions all throughout your waist, legs, hips, and bust constitute a rectangle body type. There isn’t much definition on the waist and the weight is evenly distributed all over the body. While there isn’t much to balance out since rectangle figures have even measurements all-throughout their bodies, our post ‘The 13 Basics’ details that breezy chambray shirts are the way to go. Jumpsuits are a great option too, since these create a balanced look without looking too heavy on the top or bottom.


But of course, rectangle body types can also accentuate their favourite body parts. Want a defined waist? Grab a wide belt to cinch the waist. Want to show off your long, sculpted legs? Wear mini skirts and balance it out with an attention-grabbing top. Whatever rectangle body types prefer to flaunt, they should always keep it even between their top and bottom half. This way, they can wear whatever they want without coming off as ‘too much’.














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