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The Sustainable Trend; 2020

The Sustainable Trend; 2020

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The fashion industry seems to be in the midst of a paradigm shift, through such soundings of ‘climate change’ and ‘sustainability’. These global concerns have transformed mainstream trends, consequently leading many businesses in having to rebrand or at least make some strategic changes.







The Millennials seem to be the culprits in driving these alterations and who also currently signify around 32% of the purchasing consumers. However, this figure is predicted to increase by 2025 to 50%, so it is worth the fashion industry to keep them satisfied. It is also worth noting that Gen Z is predicted to represent 8% of the buying customer by 2020 and that both of these groups’ expectations from brands are very different from the former generations.







The year of 2020 is focusing on many key trends and the protagonist seems to be collaborations. These come in the form (for example) of brands unifying with cutting edge streetwear designers, as like it not, the trend is going nowhere at present; Off-White x Rimowa, Fendi x Fila to name but a few. The interesting strength with streetwear is how it has expanded from leisure to more luxury (hence the terminology athluxury-wear).







Another form of collaborating is in the realm of brands ‘creating’ with influencers with a certain product, and usually on a limited edition format. A great example of this was with Dior and the famous influencer Mr Bags, where the limited edition bag they cooperated on, sold out in 12 minutes.








However, what is so appealing about these formations is the increase in ethical decisions when it comes to design and creation. Furthermore, these sustainable approaches within these partnerships also increase the awareness of conscious consumers, therefore, growing the sustainable fashion market on a larger scale.









The recently announced collaboration between Mother of Pearl and John Lewis will see this favourite it-girl brand at more affordable prices, but with the same sustainability, credentials that both companies strive to uphold. The partnership includes the use of organic cotton and both businesses using the same suppliers, adding another ethical branch. The impact of this collaboration is that it shines a light on the possibility for sustainable fashion to exist at different levels of the market. By working together both, John Lewis and Mother of Pearl are increasing the market for sustainable fashion for all.









Conclusively, in an industry that (traditionally) is usually guarded by its style-enigmas, it is a breath of fresh air that these collaborations are also enlightening us with their concepts. Furthermore, there is something overwhelming about fashion brands undertaking such challenges as sustainability and the climate. Nevertheless let us not forget, despite such good intentions, with the increase of the Millennial and Gen Z consumers who craze such ethical products, it is no wonder the industry is taking heed and adjusting accordingly to the new customer.














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