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The Art of Fashion Contrasts

The Art of Fashion Contrasts

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There is no doubt that style can be created through textures, fabrics and most importantly colours. The correct choice of colours can make or break an outfit.




Each style consist of colour co-ordinations ranging from that of the items of clothing one decides to wear all the way to the accessories, used to complete the look in question. The options are limitless and stop only to where ones imagination does. Different seasons call for different styles and thus different combinations of fashion items.




As most of us have more time than we usually do and have invested time in organising our wardrobes as well as in creating new looks for when we return to our normal daily lives; I have created a short description of my favourite looks that give an effortless vibe to any outfit and that I swear by at any given season





Black and White:



An all time classic and adored colour combination for so many centuries, a black and white style is a guaranteed winner for any season or any time of the day. Styling a simple black t-shirt with a pair of white skinny jeans always looks fresh, stylish and suitable for pretty much any occasion. If you would like to spice up your look you could style an oversized t-shirt and tie a small naught; the crop top style effect it creates will give the impression of an effortless but stylish option. Moreover, adding a golden thick chain can elevate your look and add a pop of colour without breaking the black and white effect. Lastly, in order to complete your look, you can add some texture by adding a fringed bag with pastel undertones.









Red, Black and Silver:



A more evening combination of colours that never fails to amaze, is undoubtedly a sheer bloom of warm and cold undertones together. Styling a red satin, lingerie style top with a comfortable pair of black leggings (leather, imitation leather, stretchy) and adding some sparkle to your look by either wearing studded boots with silver details, sparkly heals or a silver large buckled belt, is sure to get heads turning for all the right reasons. The combination of the warm red and cold silver are a perfect match from a dawn to dusk outfit that looks well thought of.









Blue and Yellow:



You might think the combination in question is bold and you might be scared to try it, but as mentioned above colours can be mixed and matched in all sorts of different ways, thus blue and yellow may be a case of a subtle blue jacket with yellow accessories. Styling an oversized denim jacket with black denim shorts and an all time classic black tank top tucked into the shorts is a very simple outfit itself but by adding a pair of yellow see-through aviator sunglasses can create a whole other effect to your look. The combination of colours will give personality to your look as well as give and edge to the style.









By taking advantage of the simplest pieces of clothing in your closet you can create miracles. Combine that with colourful jewellery and other accessories and this is the recipe to a successful feel good style every day. Do not be scared to experiment and spice up your look with all sorts of bits and pieces you may discover in the very back of your wardrobe.




So what are you waiting for?


What is your favourite colour co-ord?









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