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Comfy Styles to be Worn Anytime Anywhere

Comfy Styles to be Worn Anytime Anywhere

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Comfy bottoms and snuggly tops have taken social media by storm the past couple of months creating a buzz for this ever trending fashion style. Arguably, it is the progression from athleisure to an even more easy to wear style that does not necessarily indicate one had been or is about to hit the gym.





In addition to social media and influencers making comfortable easy to wear outfits a trend and the return of the velour as well as surfer style hoodies and tracksuits, COVID-19 has made the style in question even more desirable and has led fashion enthusiasts to experiment with items of clothing found in their wardrobe more than ever before, in an attempt to create looks that’s are both fashionable and comfortable.





Having more time than we anticipated at this given moment we can take fashion risks and organise our looks. In this difficult period experimenting with what we already have in our closets as well as trying on clothes and creating combinations can actually be very uplifting and in itself is a creative process that unlocks ways of self-expression.






With basic items such as soft, bright and uneven cut pullovers combined with wide legged, high wasted pants as well as a pair of simple black leggings are an easy way to create a fashion statement without compromising your comfort. Moreover, adding a denim jacket on top of a simple hoodie can add edge to your look and good pair of trainers can elevate your appearance. Lastly a good, all time classic pair of jeans paired with an oversized jumper or pullover tucked inn or by lowering one shoulder can create a very fashionable outfit.






Fashion options are endless and the creativity of each of our minds can create something unique. Now is the time to put thought into your style. Experiment, express yourself and the DV Closet team will be there every step of the way to assist you with anything you might need, in the long run observing someone’s style evolve and making someone feel good about him or her self is why we do what we do. Find confidence in your style and do not hesitate to let your personality shine.















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