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The Fall & Autumn

The Fall & Autumn

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There is always a distinctive appreciation in the air this time of year, and especially so if you are involved with fashion. The transmission from summer to autumn is such a powerful movement within nature and therefore all our surroundings.







Hence, for me, these next few weeks are the most poignant; I just adore everything about the whole seasonal transition, from the ‘in between stage’ that includes the odd layer, to the full on ensembles of woolly hats and matching on-trend footwear.






Towards the end of a season, I always remind myself of the previous shows, and the predictions for the coming months. Repetitively, we have the annual recurrences and of course, a sprinkling of some new tailoring adventures. The A/W19 runways in NY presented sufficient fodder for both styling and statement pieces. The wonderful facet of mulling over what you’ll be wearing doesn’t just include new pieces, but also, the major mixing of items already hanging in your closet. Still high in demand is head to toe monochrome (including accessories) and previously purchased statement pieces that incorporate deconstructed faux leather or classic wintery tones.







Decade inspiration and historic stimulus is a continual pattern in fashion. One of my personal predictions for this A/W is the transition from black to brown, especially when it comes to the customary moto-type jacket or contemporary knitwear. I love black, to the point where I have to mentally note what other colours to bring into my wardrobe for the winter seasons. However, I do tend to lean to brown and navy, which is convenient as these tones are majorly taking over. Basically, brown is the new black, full stop. If you were to peruse through the editorials, hit shows and popular thespians of the 1990s, you’ll witness such shades proving their status as (you’ve guessed it) we are still gaining inspiration from such an era.







Surely, we cannot have forgotten the urge of velvet last year and how the influence of the 90s constituted to such vibes. Well, such texture continues in its popularity as well as some other prevalent hues. The colour purple is once more reigning for the coming cooler months. Such designers as Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Derek Lam all contributed to such a royal vision through floaty silhouettes to archetypal statement pieces.







Conclusively, what I personally predict for AW19/20 are outfits that are eye catching. We are inundated at present with celebs, models and fashion insiders all donning matching prints which are bold and bright (especially Versace), and such illumination will continue into the winter season. It is a time to walk into a room and announce your presence by your particular style and there are plenty of options to achieve such endeavours. One could always opt for such presentation through accessories; embellishments, fringing and heavy sequins are all strong elements to contend with. Therefore, embrace the cold with a lavish wardrobe, step out in the layers you desire that make a declaration about you and your respective luxury. Autumn/winter 2019/20 is still about ones personal style and individual aspiration, and I cant wait to don such enticing forms and silhouettes, as I do every season!













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