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Whether its Dior monochrome or traditional leather; tote bags are a major fashion statement with intense longevity. For me, if you’re thinking of an investment with such pieces (if you haven’t already started) then the tote bag is a sound place to start. Clearly, it’s a comprehensive choice to make in general, however, if you are wanting to start collecting, a quality designer version of this accessory is the way forward; replicas need not apply.







Dior is reigning supreme in this department; the past few months have witnessed the fashion house become a firm favourite amongst the industry insiders and A-listers alike. Not only that, the Italian fashion guru/influencer Chiara Ferragni is lucky enough to possess a personalised set for her family and scrolling through her social platforms, I’ve never seen her travel without it.







Clearly, airport style has become incredibly popular since social media came in to our lives. We seem to have developed a yearning to observe what our favourite celebs are donning whilst they jet set around the globe. I suppose a stylist and MUA would be on board to assist with such stylish-apparitions, but even so, it is definably clear that such an accessory as a tote is a firm choice to carry.







However, what about us mere folk? I’ll stick to my original statement about the tote having to remain luxury branded, but we needed go over the top or try to be as cool as Riri in her trackies, heels and designer carrier strutting through an airport.






For work, I personally like to keep it plain and simple, literally. Nonetheless, a splash of colour certainly does not go a miss. Therefore, I’ve reached for the forest green effect, but other deep hues such as burgundy or deep blue would be just as effective.







What was spotted on the runway, and already a major fashion trend is the dimension. We cannot forget the buzz of oversized straw hats last summer, then followed by the puffer jacket for A/W. So it comes as no surprise that this gigantic effect has reached the bag too, yep, XXL totes are the protagonists for this summer. Another persona that has taken over for the bag is the departure from the airport to regular sightings on the high street; which to me screams major shopping alert! Proenza Schouler’s canvas number could probably fit a long weekend away in it, whilst Versace’s transparent version is screaming beach please! Thankfully, traditional Burberry has also contributed to such size-ability, and if you were to purchase a major brand, you’d definitely be the envy of the office.







In conclusion, the tote bag has been labelled the go-to shopper for us fashionistas. However, 2019 sees a brand new guise developing through the fun prints, age with beauty leather and classic designer logos. We have been witnessing influencers matching their bags with their outfits as they saunter about the fashion capitals with their personalised over-sized compartments. Whatever your choice of tote, its good to know that personalised shopping bags are on the increase, giving new light to the ‘bag for life’ and another reason for a shopping spree!













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