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The Gothic Style Revivals

The Gothic Style Revivals

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The strength of gothic style first became apparent in medieval English art and architecture and ever since, many attempts to imitate such a calling have been endeavoured, including of course; fashion.





The nature of the gothic method comprises of such qualities as irregularity’s, naturism, and variety. However, its tendency to favour individuality to the wearer (where fashion is concerned) is its main contributor, as this allows for personal eccentricities to be displayed, compared to the typical neo-classical perfection.






Originally, the ‘gothic’ was seen as a characteristically English style, and therefore adopted by the church and state to continue such ‘Englishness’. In the late 19th C the designer, William Morris based his arts and crafts decorative style on late medieval modes of individual craftsmanship’s and dedication to the gothic dialect. Both of these accolades are just a snippet as to what else can be witnessed on the runway as each season such ornamental contributions are displayed.





I need not remind you of how bewitching the gothic style has become, whether on the red carpet, runway or common high street. Despite the darker assumption that is prevailed, gothic has a willowy side effect too where fashion is concerned, whether portrayed by romantic lace, virginal characteristics or feminine silhouettes.





Accessories have been strong; especially in the form of chokers, dripping ear-wear and headpieces. Championed by brands such as Givenchy and Valentino, it seems that gothic is the look we keep resurrecting no matter the season.




Ralph & Russo, Philosophy, Marc Jacobs and the legendary Balmain have all contributed heavily to such a style, as A-listers crowd to adorn such medieval embellishments.






Aptly, the colour black is profoundly associated with gothic style, and ‘all black attire’ was heavily observed last autumn for SS19, thus, proving despite the warmer weather, such darkness prevails. The current leader of the pack is of course Kei Ninomiya, whose brand is fittingly called Noir. Ninomiya literally works with one colour and his creations are energising with sensuality, rich primitive vibes and whimsical potency’s, how perfectly gothic.





Nevertheless, we cannot leave out the Goth gods of fashion themselves; the infamous Rick Owens and Ninomiya’s muse; Rei Kawakubo.  These protagonists are reinventing the once shunted hue that is black as they conjure up new founded avenues of exploration through form and function.





In conclusion, the gothic style of SS19 is nothing but boring, or wintery. We are clearly being entertained through artistic formations that are connected to political and social global occurrences. Fashion once more takes advantage of such a universal stage, and I can’t help but smile at the sheer strength of character it embraces.











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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