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Spelling it out!

Spelling it out!

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Whether it’s bold print through logo promotion, or subjective freedom of speech; print design in 2019 is flourishing. Progressively through 2018, this trend was widely used to demonstrate and interconnect on a vivid personal level, free from the overload of a congested social media backdrop. The runways and fashion weeks were proof of such sightings as we increasingly use attire and our respective wardrobe to validate so much verbally. It has even become evident that we can observe an individual for the first time and instantly receive some intimate information about them, whether it is politically, sexually or emotionally.





However, spurred by our current political ambiance and enhanced by the clogging of digital media, the truth is becoming harder to obtain as so many take on multiple personas. Nonetheless, from such false facades, we are witnessing individual yet professional publications (that yearn for the truth) gain in popularity. Along with these journals, print and fashion have become progressively appealing, as another foray to express alternative assumptions.





In 2019, there is an increasing connection between media and fashion, as the two collide to create a distraction to the global political shenanigans, as there are many other voices wanting to be heard. We are finding our platforms and speaking in volume, and the group that are growing the swiftest is the younger generation, they too have something to say about their future and Gen Z are incredibly influential. Through these channels, authentic and traditional crafts are also being used, therefore creating simple tones to accentuate a significant message. It has been predicted that this attitude of ‘less is more’ will escalate in popularity through both fashion and digital media; something we are already witnessing in 2019.





Not to get too political, but as we become aware of instances where we are being mislead and reality lost in the array of the media, we can only take it upon ourselves to speak the truth directly. Designers, unsurprisingly, are doing the same as they fearlessly express themselves through their work with poignant messaging and of course refusals to connect with certain people in power. Consequently, on a positive note, we are standing tall and making it known, we want to be heard through such avenues.





In conclusion, fashion and printed medium are increasing in popularity, and is doing so at a growing rate. It is a powerful channel that has engaged many sources and societies and constructed certain conversations that may not have been contemplated a few seasons ago. With this voice, through our style and closet, we can encourage, inform and empower; yet another example of how fashion is not just about looking pretty and on-trend.










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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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