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Abstract to Architecture

Abstract to Architecture

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Whatever your perspective on abstract art, it is undeniable that various elements of such practices appear on the runway. Consequently, this season is no different as we are surrounded by these non-configurative arrangements where SS19 print trends are concerned.




Louis Vuitton encapsulates the artistic vibe by the display of haphazardly drawn slashes featuring on jackets and blouses. However, the appealing-factor here was the appearance of the sister summer trend of clashing prints, as each pattern was paired with opposing creative methods. Mulger presented liquidly interpretations of the artist Samara Scott, which generated striking prints on close fitting tailored skirts, suits and dresses. Moschino began its show for SS19, capturing the orthodox opinion of abstract art with typical childlike scribbles. Furthermore, the brand presented dresses and jackets with white backgrounds that perfectly captured the essence of such an imaginative formula. This continued into accessories as hosiery and hats were arranged with such vision, and it makes you wonder if such strength of print will become an iconic trend for 2019!?




Considering how wonderfully multicultural we are globally (despite unmentionable politic issues), as a race we are expanding our travelling horizons and our thirst to absorb different cultures. Naturally, this has infiltrated into fashion, the runways and trends, making SS19, no exception to such compliance.




Designers have really captured the spirit of cities through architectural patterns, producing a wanderlust style to their compendia. The skyline of metropolises embellished on dresses, shirts and blouses was quite a common sighting upon the runway, forming an artistic array that was popular in the early 1990s. We can also witness a true mixing of both abstract and architecture, which continues with the protocol of such art forms and how they frequently appear in our closets. Unsurprisingly, through the use of landscape as inspiration, designers have captured the full bloom effect by adding the construction of gardens. I need not remind you of how floral prints are especially popular this SS19, and it is a wonderful sight to witness such a mixture. Prada, produced a beautiful countryside print that included buildings and gardens that fabricated such a colourful coloration, a pattern with a strong future I predict! Other brands such as Akris fabricated monochrome backdrops covered with prosperous looking buildings that really catch your eye.




I will always argue that fashion is a form of art, whether it is derived inspiration from other art customs or designers conjuring up their masterpieces and displaying them on fabric rather than canvas. As we continue to expand and open our eyes to the realms of creativity, it becomes more apparent how confusing it is when rules for innovation are established. Interestedly, for SS19, we can observe some prints contain the mixture of abstract and architecture, forming an imaginative array of colour, art and fashion; what a delightful vision for the summer.










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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx

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