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Hippie-Boho, 2019

Hippie-Boho, 2019

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Trend-wise, we can appreciate many decades that are prominent in 2019; from the length and fluidity of the 70s, to the 1990s interpretation of the hippie craze. As individuality remains in strength, the power of our clothes continues to elaborate our inner thoughts and feelings, with many of these former trends taking centre stage.





If you weren’t aware that tie-dye is uber trending, that where have you been, frankly. Perhaps too many of us keep getting tangled in the forums of athleisure-wear as we begin to choose our SS wardrobe. The 2019 version of this home-made creation is part of what the industry are naming nouveau hippie. A reminisce of the 1990s take on such a style, along with the surfer/skater vibe that was also very strong in the decade.





We often recall the flower power of the 1970s, with the notions of free love, original festivals and grounding breaking music. However, there was also a considerable tone of instability; socially and politically, and this unrest was displayed through fashion and what people wore.

For 2019, there is a sense of unity in a period of certain global insecurity. In addition, self-expression is loud, especially in a time where digital communication has created worldwide transformations.






Heading into spring, and dreaming of balmy evenings with chilled bubbly and hazy summer nights, its also a time to daydream of the outfits that one will be donning.

Reflecting back to the shows and fashion weeks of last autumn, it was worth recalling the on-going popularity of independence and being yourself through your wardrobe. Designers continued with such a memo through the gloriousness of empowerment and expressive liberation.






As an outlet of the new hippies, many designers have taken an approach to a slight boho effect; therefore, creating a tame, languorous ambiance that is apparent with many warm, sunset hues to satisfy the eye. This innovative methodology to new-age, also brings an array of typical but revolutionary accessories and jewellery. All with the traditional aspect of crochet, raffia, leather et al, but with the naturel progression of modernisation for 2019.






What is so workable for this season is the pioneering advances that designers have conjured up for the element of hippie/boho. The silhouettes maintain a sense of fluidity, clean lines, let alone new-age structure, and pleasing colour palettes.

I’m always intrigued in how trends reappear in such a different guise than its previous appearance. It also just goes to show how effective fashion is world wide in regards to the state of us globally, culturally and our social structure.

One thing I do know for sure, I will definitely be taking part in the trend of hippie-boho 2019; all we need now is the weather!












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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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