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In 2017, Burberry re-launched their ‘signature check’ and the fashion world, celebs and street-wearers, went crazy for it. Not since that fateful day nearly 20 years ago, when actress Daniella Westbrook was snapped donning the brand head to toe, (tot and buggy included) has the label boldly logoed themselves so confidently, only this time, the results were a lot more positive.







Evidently, other brands have followed suit including Fendi, who have consequently produced from their archives the classic double F logo, created by no other than the late and great Karl Lagerfeld. Many an insider and fashion goer are sporting such honoured letters, and especially so since his untimely death only last month. The versatility of this design is so beautifully mixed today with tradition and current trends such as athleisure-wear; thus proving a simple sweater with the right design can create such chic fluidity.






Personal branding is of course prolific in 2019, from bearing your own name, proclaiming your ideas or anagramming conventional houses. Noticeably, Gucci emphasized the counterfeit game, as they released their infamous Gucci logo; well if you can’t beat them join them I guess.






In the hey-day of Gianni Versace, the label were renowned for flaunting their insignia, making it an explosion within the fashion world and consequently on the street. From the yuppie of the 80s to the raver of the 90s, both decades were accolades for exhibitionists in the realm of showing off your wealth through your attire, even if you couldn’t afford it.




Obviously, logo mania doesn’t just come in the form of t-shirts, we’re talking clobber to accessories here. From leisure baseball caps, Gucci belts, to square toed Fendi pumps; its all about parading who you’re wearing.





Last year we were confronted with a modern day Daniella Westbrook fashion-statement, only this time by the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clang. Kylie posted on her social a replica shot; only this time the make-up guru was covered in Fendi-with complimentary matching pram. The audience’s reaction was predominantly one of approval, as evidently; she is one of the most influential influences in 2018-19. Love or loath, this family are still fame royalty, and despite any tragic faux pas or deliberate cheesy fashion declarations, they still get away with it, for now.






As for logo-styling, denim is a strong and effective go-to, particularly for a casual look, there’s some great denim pieces at present from boiler suits to bib-trousers. Another alternative is to smarten with suits, with the whole athleisure-wear still reigning; a designer logo tee under a sharp suit really works.






Whatever your style, you can literally go from one extreme to another, so whether you want to bling it like Kylie or simplify with a double G Gucci belt, the choice is yours, either will look completely on-trend!











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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