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The Power of the Ankle Boot

The Power of the Ankle Boot

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As we fashionistas are fully aware; trends come and go, some are persistent while others fall at the first style hurdle. Ankle boots of course are in the former, and for me, this footwear design is becoming more versatile.





The strength of a fads ‘staying clout’ not only derives from the media, collections and society being instructed as to what is on trend; it also emanates from a personal level, where us mere bystanders actually accept the fashion statement. We have more power than we realise at times, especially with the dominance of social platforms and ‘normal’ folk being able to express their own personal individuality. However, we are becoming extra aware that we don’t have to follow the fashion parade, and that we do have the choice.





The footwear in question though, I believe, has grown in popularity, as not only has it reached a scope of age ranges, it has also extended to customers who don’t particularly follow fashion. Yes, such boots are everywhere, but the choices we have on offer is quite astounding, plus there really is a style for everyone’s needs, desires and taste.






Another strong concept is of course the midi skirt. I would put a hefty wager down that I will witness more of us donning these boots with calf hitting skirts, rather than the standard trouser leg. Its as though skirts are not perceived as feminine as they once were, but far more a fashion statement of femininity, and to me being a feminist equals strength.





Another reason ankle boots have become such a permatrend over the years is practicality. Now, dot get me wrong, as I’m a great admirer of fashion and what designers bring to the runway, but a lot of the time pragmatism is not often entertainment. However, what has changed is the demand for such feasibility, we have busy lives and we still want to look stylish!





Therefore, boots are certainly having a performance at present, or rather an accumulation of development over recent seasons. I for one am a fan of the ankle and skirt scenario, and have slipped quite easily into the skirt squad. All I can say is that I’m glad fashion is moving forward in such manners, and I look forward to seeing what else we have to observe where comfort and style is concerned.











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx

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