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Athleisure-wear… Is the End Nigh?

Athleisure-wear… Is the End Nigh?

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Athleisure-wear has become a phenomenon, one of which nobody could have predicted such strengths and longevity. Its an easy to go to trend, which now with the support of luxury, it is entering new areas; casual and lavishness has never been so cajoled.





However, I am getting a tad bored of constantly witnessing sportswear. Not the new and exciting ways which brands and designers are capturing their inner creative and generating pieces that would not have developed otherwise. I’m more dreary of the every day, on every street corner, from every generation. Personally, fashion has to keep me feeling alive and new, which is why I crave observing runways and new collections. I can’t maintain my anticipation when I hear of certain brands and houses colliding and/or producing some innovative inventions.





Nonetheless, what is happening I feel (foe some) is this ‘stress-free’ trend has made us a tad lazy? Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big fan of trackies, working-out gear and quality sneakers. Yet, seeing it everywhere is making me yawn, but hey, that’s fashion darling! To sound like a style-snob, when something has become appealing to all, it looses its charm for me.





I miss the days when our choice of apparel for meeting friends for lunch was more thorough; fanciful footwear, definitive-cut trousers and archetypal designer jackets. Today, we see many a fashionista, supping her chai, with a scraped back pony under a baseball cap, aerobic leggings, and some form of zipped insulation. Clearly, the trend has become so wide spread now it has hit the masses and the majority of it is looking rather dishevelled and bored. I would not be surprised if many fashion insiders themselves are already applauding its demise, or failing that, putting the leisure-wear to one side and opting for more a traditional concept.





Obviously, I will always lean towards my sports attire, whether for lounging at home, or sharper pieces for working out in. However, the whole caboodle of daily sports fixtures within my closet-I believe for some fashionistas-is coming to an end. Unquestionably, we will have plenty of wonderful spectacles to observe and desire within such a realm of athleisure and athluxury-wear, but I have to admit, the fraying for this trend has begun for me, and I believe for others too, so maybe the end is nigh-sort of! ;-)









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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx


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