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Sweater Weather 2018/19

Sweater Weather 2018/19

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There is nothing like putting on a cosy sweater as the nights draw in and the temperature drops. Therefore, with it being that time of year again, we have reached to the back of our closets to rummage through last winters left overs. Good news though fellow fashionistas, there is copious amounts of choice for 2018/19 sweater weather!







I enjoy all the seasons, when one is coming to an end; I am ready to delve into the next and this time I’m excited to show my wintery attire. As for sweaters, they are a firm favourite in my wardrobe and every year not only do the archetypal designer versions reappear, but a few stylish essentials are added, just for good measure! I adore being cosy, and not just indoors, if I’m braving the cold, I’ll be layered to the hilt, as who knows if one may have to come off. Lets face it, how many times has your pure wool or cashmere jumper done wonders to keep off the chill, but as soon as you step into your fave boutique, you’re suddenly over heating. So, think individual layers stylish-ones!





Obviously, with casual and oversizing still in the popular stakes, there are plenty of styles and cuts to choose from. If you’re after comfy but want to add a touch of elegance, this can easily be achieved; batwing sleeves, cropped or plunging back or neckline, is just enough of baring some skin. Evidently, once you put such an item with your preferred pair of jeans, it makes a stress-free and workable outfit.






If you’re a traditional fashionista at heart, and also a fan of the high street; Monsoon are firm favourites for producing such accolades. This gem embellished collar is perfect for a simple but graceful touch, we all know black never fails, and there is nothing wrong if this is where you are most comfortable. Matched with slimmed lined trousers, this look could easily take you from day to eveningwear.





Dancing leopard is renowned for their sassy approach, and this certainly stands its ground where sweaters are concerned. Bright and bold is prevalent this winter and this item captures the essence spot on. What I love about it is the courageous stripes and fitted cut. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard that leather trousers are back, (they never really go away to be honest around this time of year) but in 2018/19; the cuts are braver and bolder. Therefore, such an intrepid number would fit perfectly with such pantaloons!





Accessories of course can make and highlight an outfit. Hats are ‘notorious beasts’ around wintertime, so make the most of keeping your head warm by adding such trilby delights. Oversized leather bags work well with your favourite denim and not forgetting of course the inimitable ankle boot.





Whatever your style, because of the current trends of athleisure, oversizing and casual, you really can cosy up with comfy knitwear with matching apparel. Enjoy fashionistas!











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Victoria Tozzi Lidster xx



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