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The Rise of The Little Black Dress

The Rise of The Little Black Dress

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The little black dress will always remain a firm favourite and an essential item in everyone’s closet. However, the outline has developed over the years, especially with the global manifestations and cultural revolutions we are foreseeing at present. Understandably, there has been an incline to pastures new in what we wear, as a demand for more drama and expression hits new levels within the fashion world.





Justifiably, the on-point traditional style and cut will remain loyal, as pure innovative design never wanes; ergo, the LBD will persist to be an indispensible wardrobe requirement. As social media, generation Y & Z and genderless concepts take a strong hold within the industry, we are faced with wonderful notions that without the current cultural events, such strategies would never have existed. Entering 2019, we are encountered with majestic arrays of choices that will be at our disposal, as fashion moves forward, thinking more the individual rather than the masses.





With such versatility in its form, the LBD can be worn day or evening. As we delve deeper into the realm of athleisure-wear, we are confronted with such attire as trainers, whether they are of sporty or animal print design, and to witness such sightings at any time of day is no longer bewilderment. In fact, you are more likely to observe feminine apparel with such casual footwear. Now of course, as huge global companies such as Nike and Adidas have released collections and capsules generating the terminology of Athluxury-wear, we have flowed naturally into a casual/lavishness domain right now where fashion is concerned.





Lets face it; one of the classic highlights of the dress is its simplicity; an easy to go to choice that never fails. With this in mind, one can always add character and vibe to their appearance by enhancing personal statement through accessories. Necklaces are still flying high with the bling attitude, an almost R&B effect, as the more variety you have draped around your neck, the better the look. Obviously, with this time of year, clutch bags and innovative carriers are bountiful, and with such an accessory, not only are you adding to your guise but it’s a supplementary piece for your belongings too.






Whatever your style, as always there is copious amounts of variety to behold this 2018-19, and especially for this time of year. As fashion always carries a torch for global, cultural and social occurrences, the decision to make use of this to our advantage is at its peak as we near to Christmas. Nevertheless, if simplicity, effortlessness and traditional is what you desire, then you can never go wrong with the classic little black dress.














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