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Trend Alert: Our Picks for Men

Trend Alert: Our Picks for Men

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Here at DV closet, we adore sharing new fashion brands and ideas for stylists across the world. While fashion may be seen as feminine we know that plenty of men enjoy being stylish too. We love and appreciate that anyone can enjoy fashion regardless of gender identity. Here’s a roundup of some men’s brands that will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.


© Techwears

Plenty of men enjoy getting a new tie, but one company makes neckties with a new tech based twist, Techwears. The brand was launched in 2014 by Drew Johnson who happened to be a tech-enthusiast fascinated by techwaste. Eventually, this lead to a line that made ties and many other accessories out of old circuit boards. Not only is this an eco friendly way to manage old technology, it provides a very unique option for any man’s wardrobe. These circuit board cufflinks come in multiple colors that will go great for any special occasion. Meanwhile, This Circuit Board Necktie while colorful is very wearable with almost any suit.

Bloke Apparel:


Even though there are many brands of men’s clothes on the market right now, Bloke Apparel is definitely something to check out. This North Carolina based brand offers casual and comfortable clothing designed with the utmost quality to fit the modern man. Some favorites include their Original Penguin Nep shirt in Steel grey that is fitting for everyday wear, and their Native Apollo Mock sneakers in Jiffy Black are great for a day at the gym.

Awl & Sundry:

© Awl & Sundry

Every man needs a good pair of shoes. For most people it’s hard to find the right fit, but there’s a saving grace thanks to bespoke shoes by Awl & Sundry. This idea started when founder, Nikunj Marvania went through numerous trials and errors when he wanted to find comfortable shoes at an affordable price. This resulted in Awl & Sundry’s launch in 2013. What sets their bespoke shoes apart from others is that all of their shoes are hand crafted by a team of cobblers to ensure a perfect fit for each order. Some of our favorite designs are Lance and Ralph. Which have a simple and mature appearance that makes them ideal for almost any event.

Beau Brumell:

© Beau Brumell

Men even deserve to pamper themselves once in a while, too. What’s a better way to treat themselves than some skincare from Beau Brumell? This New York City based company is committed to making high quality skincare that is ideal for almost any man’s skin. One of our picks includes their Deep Cleansing Charcoal Face Wash made with skin clearing activated charcoal. Another great find is the Perfect Shave Bundle, which is ideal for anyone who enjoy a relaxing shave.

Pacific Shaving Co.:

© Pacific Shaving Co.

Speaking of shaving, there are plenty of busy men who want to shave but are constantly on the road. Pacific Shaving Co. has provided a solution with its line of shaving products. Founded in 2002 by husband and wife team, Stan Ades and C.C. Sofronas, they aimed to make shaving items affordable, skin nourishing, and eco-friendly. We recommend The Single Use Shaving Cream minis since these are small and portable, which is very useful for men who need to shave while on the go.

Regardless of preferences, our highlighted options will definitely help anyone look and feel great.

DV Closet xx

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