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We ♥️ Moms: Our picks to help celebrate our favorite Women

We ♥️ Moms: Our picks to help celebrate our favorite Women

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If there is one person that is important to most of our lives, it’s our mothers. We all love and appreciate these women regardless if they are our moms, aunts or grandmas. With Mother’s day approaching, we put together this roundup of our favorite brands that will truly make any mom look and feel good.

The Ultimate Cuff:

If there’s one type of gift that can never go wrong it’s a smart watch. While most smart watches are functional, we feel that they can look great as well with Ultimate Cuff. These smart watch accessories were founded by Anne Zacharias in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who loved her apple watch, but didn’t like the band it came with. As a result, Ultimate has made it possible for smart watches to double as an accessory. One of our favorites is the Coco Mini that is made with a simple metal aesthetic. Also, the Mia cuff is designed with a slim and modern style.



These days many moms are working hard and constantly on the go with very little time for themselves. In fact, some schedules are so packed that they can forget to recharge their batteries, including their own phones and tablets. Yet, a label of purses aims to help working women by making sure they don’t have to worry about smart devices with a low charge, Minois. This collection of bags was made for busy working women, by having built in technology. This includes a light so everyone can see what’s in their bag, and a USB for charging phones and tablets. Not to mention, their latest set of bags is big enough for an ipad, and can be worn anywhere.

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Speaking of busy lifestyles, here’s a new decor item that we can truly get behind. A rug that can be cleaned with just the washing machine. Thanks to Ruggable, this idea has finally come to life and it makes the perfect gift for the overscheduled mom. In addition, with so many designs and prints to choose from, they can fit anyone’s personal style. They can also be stored easily in a closet for seasonal decorating switch ups. And as a bonus, it is completely hypoallergenic and is safe for animals, which is great for moms with allergies or pets.

© Ruggable


Of course we should also help our mothers feel good on the inside as well. And there’s nothing that can help anyone feel good other than a nice healthy drink. One new brand of drinks that has caught our eye is NINI, that is not only boasts health benefits, but it empowers mothers across the world. This African inspired drink was founded by Naima Atti who wanted to inspire others to reach their highest potential through their body and spirit. As a result, NINI was made with “A Sip of Africa” meaning that everything is made with all natural and fresh ingredients. But what we really love about NINI was that Atti also made her company with a vision to help female entrepreneurs in Africa. For every purchase, 5% of all of their profits go to assist women in the agricultural industries of Togo West Africa. Which can truly allow mothers to be economically stable.



Mother’s day also wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give a suggestion for the mother to-be. Even though expecting moms are busy building for their new additions, they still need new clothes for their pregnancy. But one problem is that finding maternity wear that looks good can be very difficult. Recently, we have tracked down a truly fashionable line of maternity wear, Hatch. This New York City based brand of clothes was founded in 2011 by Ariane Goldman who wanted to create beautiful clothing that was meant for every state of pregnancy. Their Bateau tank dress that comes in a casual yet lively style and can be worn for a nice warm Spring or Summer day. Meanwhile, the Nearly Skinny Maternity Jean is comfortable enough for all 3 stages yet still goes well with almost any outfit. Which will truly make their first mother’s day a great one.


With so many amazing brands to choose from, there’s no denying that any mom would be happy to receive some of our favorite picks for our favorite person.

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