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To Brand or Not to Brand

To Brand or Not to Brand

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To brand or not to brand, that is the question. With the latest Insta post of Kylie Jenner, covered head to toe in Fendi (including her infants pushchair) we are taken back to that fatal incident of the Burberry disaster instigated by the former TV actress Daniella Westbrook.




To return to that fashion ‘faux-pas’ day in 2002, the location itself could not be further from the idyllic setting of Kylies LA sunny background either, and it was a moment that would temporally title the infamous check as cheap and uncouth. Time has healed obviously as the brand has managed to shake off the ‘chavy’ perception and once again it has the likes of the latest supermodels and A-lister’s taking part in their campaigns. It’s all thanks to the sheer ingenious of Christopher Bailey, who at the time as creative director effectively managed to re-establish the brands reputation and restore it back to the exclusive reputable trademark that it originally withheld.





With Kylie and her Fendi post, I don’t think the brand have anything to worry about, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they knew of the forthcoming image, or perhaps even had a part to play. The point is we live in a different world since social media has become part of our lives, its not a case anymore of opening the pages of a newspaper and getting a daily fix, we are constantly inundated with information and have so much personal control. In addition, this is a Kardashian/Jenner clan member and like it or not, they have a lot of power at the moment, especially where fashion and social media are concerned. Just look at what happened to Snapchats shares when she announced that she hardly used the app anymore, now that’s ‘digital generation’ power.






There is also clear evidence that its very ‘on-trend’ to cover-up with logos as we have witnessed other Kardashian’s donning the brand head to toe and of course, it is something we have all seen on the runway.




Not since the late 1990s early 2000s have we observed such an invasion of branding, it was making a slow progress when bum-bags made their comeback a few seasons ago, but now, it’s big.




Towards the end of the 20th century, branding became an all-important exercise in fashion and, helped along by Hip Hop gansta rap style, ostentation gained kudos. Whether the fashion observer saw it as a street-style in-joke or a collectable trend, ‘logomania’, as it came to be called, gathered momentum. It was certainly true, however, that endorsement of a brand by rap stars, either by wearing the logo or mentioning the product in a song, could have an impact on its success and credibility.





It might be why Versace have seen increases in their sales and the fact that Donatella has re-launched her late brothers designs that were the rage back in the 1990s. Even the surprise resurrection of the original supermodels all-appearing on the runway for the first time in 20 years…brilliant! If anything, it was a clear reminder of Gianni’s talent and the loss of such a fashion genius.




Like it not fashionistas, bling is back, big time!










Victoria Tozzi x


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