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Working Out in #Style

Working Out in #Style

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As warmer weather arrives it means there are more chances to exercise outside. Be it jogging, cycling, outdoor yoga, or anything else, these workouts are truly great to do on a warm spring day. However, a new season signals a shift in exercise apparel, which is essential to any routine. We found some great brands that are both fashionable and functional just in time for the spring season.

ENA Apparel:

ENA apparel is a Chicago based brand that keeps up with the newest trends and combinds ingenuity with sustainable methods to create their clothes. One of the latest styles this year is bright colors, and ENA is truly delivering with their latest collection of sports bras and leggings, referenced here with their Holly Leggings, made with bold purple and blue fabrics.

ENA is also great for the eco-conscious shopper. One of their key values is that they operate on a limited edition approach. All of their clothes are made in small batches yet they constantly meet eco friendly standards to meet the needs of fashionistas who aim to go green. ENA is also committed to using a process that involves using only high quality and sustainable fabrics that were made in the United States. The transparency in their process ensures that very shopper will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly where their clothing comes from; providing people with a shopping experience they can feel good about.  

(Claudia Slash Top)


Speaking of bright colored workout clothes, New Jersey based brand, K- Deer, has a lien of leggings that are truly fit for the season. Founded by Kristine Deer, the line was made after she discovered the joy of yoga, and with a degree in fashion design, she started a line of yoga pants that are all made with American fabrics, and are manufactured in New York and New Jersey. Not to mention the designs are great for this year’s trends! The striped leggings in Molly Stripe are clearly following the rainbow fabric trends and definitely bring a good amount of color to any yoga outfit.


Of course we all know that yoga isn’t the only means of getting in shape and that there are plenty of city dwellers who want something new this spring. This New York City based line took its design inspiration from the city’s environment, and as a bonus, this brand was made to fit the lifestyles of busy city dwellers. This block bra is inspired by the city’s graphic lines and not only provides decent support, but it also adds a bold touch. Meanwhile, this casual Range dress is ideal for a walk on sunny days out.



Speaking of city life and NYC, another New York/Canadian based brand, Michi, is also on our radar. This brand was founded by Michelle Watson in 2010, and intends to empower women because she realized that all women have something about themselves worth celebrating, and her brand truly delivers on that concept with amazing collections! One of our favorites include this Le Man's Bra that provides a unique aesthetic.


OLIVERS Apparel:

But of course we didn’t forget about the men. Here’s one line that has truly reinvented workout clothes built to last: OLIVERS Apparel. Originally a kickstarter campaign, OLIVERS was launched to make clothes with fabrics that could endure any type of routine. Not to mention they are designed with styles for the modern man. The Convor Short Sleeve Henley shirt is great for a casual day out but can still be used for outdoor workouts such as hiking. Meanwhile, the Porter half Zip can be worn at the gym or for a day out.

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