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Trend Alert: Interchangeable Heels

Trend Alert: Interchangeable Heels

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With spring coming, it’s time to store away winter boots and welcome spring shoes. However, while many spring shoes look good, most shoes designed for the spring are high heels. For many of us, wearing heels can be extremely painful and some of us can’t carry around an extra pair. Thanks to new technology, a company called Mestrae has made a line of shoes that can switch heel height at any time!

Originally founded in Malaysia by Christine Pamela Chandrakasan, she came up with the idea for interchangeable heels when experiencing discomfort while wearing high heels as well, so she set out to create a line of shoes that could be comfortable enough for just about everyone to wear without sacrificing a glamorous appearance. As a result, Mestrae was launched with the ability to switch from chunky heels to flats and even stilettos.

While these heels are functional, what we really love about this brand is how stylish each pair is. For instance, the Carrie is made with sleek black leather and is great for a day in the office to a night out.

For anyone looking for a vegan alternative, there’s Pippa which comes in a wonderful light nude color, and is very fitting for spring. And with their collection of accessory heels, there are so many ways to mix and match for anyone’s taste.

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