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This time of year is such an enthralling interval with the amount of runway shows and award ceremonies to take notice of. As always, it has been interesting to observe the trends that have been making their mark on the streets too. Evidently, with any of the fashion weeks it isn’t just about viewing the delights and absorbing the current and upcoming styles on the runway, but also, it’s the surveillance of what the fashion elite are donning on the streets outside and on their way to these spectacles.





One of the pluses that the digital world has produced for us is this increase of the array of creatives and fashionistas who are bringing the pavements to ‘chic-life’ with their choice of fashion attire during the fashion period.





When we witness such cult collections as the recent Balmain creation, we know that the futuristic, neon glitter-ball effect will be huge this winter and party season, including the holographic PVC to giant iridescent palettes. However, what was also present was the on-going trend of ‘double-wear’, a frequent sight with many of the fashion week spectators hanging outside of the shows; a trend that yet again is rife thanks to many influences such as the prairie/western slant and the 90s rave vibe.





Another contender that was making appearances was the ruffle effect, especially in the Italian city of Milan, where cascades of extravagant and theatrical details exuded a strong sense of femininity and free spirit.






Athleisure-wear is forever growing stronger and expanding on new style levels per season. The infectious trend of the tracky bottoms confirmed its status this fashion season, and the classic stripe is still going strong. The whole mix with sport and chic is a daily occurrence and has become a standard look for many whether you realise or not. We can see such trails in our day to day lives; the trend setters tend to lead the way in donning such variety, it then becomes widely available on the high street, and before you know it, your local neighbour who two years ago would never have been seen in trainers, is donning a pair of Nike Air 95 while doing her weekly grocery shop.





So this season, look out for the head to toe maximalism with plenty of tantalising twists, bleached out denim with oversized jackets, and a realm of romance in the form of ruffles with dramatic detailing. Enjoy fellow fashionistas.











Victoria Tozzi


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