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5 Men’s Accessories We Love

5 Men’s Accessories We Love

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With Valentine’s day coming soon, we all know that looking for a gift for that special someone is a high priority. Unfortunately, for many of us we have a hard time even choosing what to get, and often resort to something completely last minute like flowers. However, we at DV Closet have found 5 accessories for men that will truly help this year.


We all know that working out is something we do to stay in shape and be healthy. But what if there was a way to improve a workout routine without doing anything too excessive? The Halo headset can provide a solution to that. Engineered with user-friendly neuroscience based technology, the Halo is designed to work with the brain’s motor cortex to enhance performances. Not to mention its sleek back band and comfortable speakers make it a great gift for an athletic guy on the go


Oura Ring:

Speaking of on the go, there is even a new accessory that was built to not only track workouts but also daily activities: the Oura ring. Much like the Halo, the Oura ring is designed from the scientific mind. In addition, it can even detect sleep patterns, which makes it extremely handy for improving sleep schedules. We also love the fact that it’s waterproof so it can be taken literally anywhere.


Speaking of health, there’s even the issue of posture that can affect a lot of people’s wellbeing. So what better gift for a man than the Opter? It can be worn as either a necklace or a clip-on accessory and can detect slouching. As a result, it vibrates until the user sits up straight. But what makes it really handy is the fact that it can detect UVA and UVB levels, so it can easily help prevent sunburns. As a bonus, it is made with eco-friendly materials such as bamboo.


For a more simple gift, we all know that every man has his favorite tie in their wardrobe. But for a more unique approach, there is now a brand of neckties made from e waste called Techwears. Not only are all of the ties colorful and creative, but it even offers an eco-friendly line of accessories due to being made of old circuit boards.

Cascade wallet:

Of course no man is complete without a wallet to hold everything he needs when he’s out. But to prevent the issue of overcrowding and losing credit cards, Toronto based company, MANI Wonders, has created the Cascade Wallet. Being the size of a smart phone, it makes it easy to carry around. And it was designed to store credit cards in order to keep them safe. On top of that, it’s very easy to use since anyone can access their cards with just one push of a button.

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