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Andy Warhol - Contributor to Fashion with Art

Andy Warhol - Contributor to Fashion with Art

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Andy Warhol started his career path in fashion within the capacity of such magazines as Glamour and Harpers Bazaar. Unbeknown at this time that this awkwardly shy illustrator would eventually turn out to be Americas most sought after style icon and in the realms of the most favoured Pop Artist.





It was his 1969 founded magazine Interview that became popular with such legendary icons as YSL, Karl Lagerfeld, and Bianca Jagger, and the fact that he was a firm friend with the prolific designer Hanson was a huge calling card for his strength of impact within the industry too. His own words of what his publication represented really captures the essence of his vocation within the creative sphere; “A vehicle for drawing the young, the famous, the rich and the interesting into Warhol’s orbit.” What we had within his magazine was the natural integration of many forms of the arts (including fashion) all leaning on one another, gaining influence and connecting innovatively, not only that, but the public were infatuated with it. What was so ground-breaking was the simple acceptance of these creative outlets being as one; this was quite a pioneering episode to occur almost 50 years ago, and today; a concept that has become a top topic of debate.





It was an era when cultures were rife and pop culture was the latest fad; new music was rising from the basement of hidden clubs and the young were ready to experiment creatively, to absorb new innovative opportunities, and to seek out their individuality. Such avenues and artists like Warhol were a perfect candidate to admire and gain great inspiration from, and even today, designers and the like, are reaching to alternative art forms for their motivation more than ever. His creation of pop art shook the world and we will forever be feeling the ripple effects of what his creative eye actually achieved. Such up and coming fashion designers like Mary Katrantzou is adamant that the influence for her designs has been Mr Warhol…”his unique lens and vision is relevant to pop culture today. He put everyday objects on a pedestal, making you see them differently…In my own work, I also like elevating the mundane to a piece of luxurious craftsmanship”





Warhol created icons through his image making, and was very aware of celebrity culture, he actually conceived the mantra “we all have 15 minutes of fame” a concept that has been widely used ever since. He is a protagonist in his awakening of the creative field, a main contender for the intensification of the blurred lines that are occurring through all forms of creativity and just not just art and fashion but also, photography, design and film. Yet even in the 1950s, Warhol was using the protocol of social media from ‘building his followers’ by distributing illustrated depictions of his work to potential clients, some of which have recently been reprinted. It’s no surprise then that after all this time, his self-portrait is included in the “From Selfie to Self-Expression” exhibition at the Saatchi gallery. Warhol’s pioneering contribution to the creative field will forever be acknowledged in fashion (et al), his inventive influence can been recognised in all manners and form, whether you’re a pop art fanatic or not.












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