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Let the Sparks Fly this New Year!

Let the Sparks Fly this New Year!

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New Year’s Eve is the time to shine bright like a diamond. All eyes need to be on you that night. Let out your inner sparkle These four accessories are the perfect addition to any glitzy outfit to ensure that mission.


These silver glitterCharles & Keith Calf Basic Calf Boot Heels are perfect to walk into the new year. It has a cute but simple black stripe in back to add a little bit more flair to any outfit.

Price 59.00


Let your legs sparkle with these H&M Glittery Leggings. Perfect statement for a fun, but not too outrageous NYE outfit. The leggings have an elasticized waistband. Leggings are made out of 80% nylon, 15% metallic fiber and 5% spandex material. You have to wash them in cold water or they will shrink. Don’t want to waste money on a pair leggings to only wear it once.

Price 16.99


Loren Hope’s Marissa Crystal Drop Earrings are an ornate addition to your New Year’s Eve outfit. No matter the color of the outfit these earrings are sure to match with there like light catching crystals any outfit you wear is sure to pop.

Price 98.00

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